Polyamorous or Promiscuous? Sometimes One Partner Isn’t Enough

Living in a society where the paradigm of monogamy dominates the way of living for many has caused difficulties for those who choose to adhere to a different set of rules for love and relationships. This tension between the monogamous population and those who reject the idea of having one partner for the rest of their life is due to a number of things, but mostly there being a lack of understanding.

As women are proudly standing behind every dick they have ever sucked, revealing outfit they have worn and every sext they have sent to the male or female they were interested in, their personal convictions and morals have come into question. People have even gone as far to disregard what these women truly feel in their hearts, and vaginas, and labeled them as promiscuous when they are in fact polyamorous.

Before people judge a person because they have chosen to violate sexual traditions and call them a slut or promiscuous, they should ensure they know what polyamory is, what the lifestyle entails and how it differs from promiscuity.

What does it mean to be polyamorous?

Polyamory is the idea that people are allowed to have more than one romantic partner at any given time. These partners can be of the same or opposite gender, and they are aware of the other relationships that their partner may be in. In fact, oftentimes, people need to their partner to consent to them having multiple relationships.

These people may have more than one partner, but they still value honesty and love as an important part of all of their relationships. Their rejection of monogamy, but desire to have a long-term relationship, that may or may not have a focus on sex, is a key motivator. Similar to monogamists, those practicing polyamory are capable of experiencing deep emotions for their partners and are still faced with typical relationship obstacles, including building trust, jealousy and possessiveness.

Polyamory does have rules, so should people decide that this lifestyle is for them, they can develop any set of rules they believe is fitting for them and their partners, but they must be sure to acknowledge that love, honesty, compassion and respect are necessary for the relationships to be successful. This is one thing that is exhibited in what is know as polyfidelity relationships.

In a polyfidelity relationship, there are typically three people who are involved with each other, but neither of these people are allowed to be with anyone outside of this relationship. In a way, it is similar to a traditional relationship between two people, in the idea that a having a relationship with someone who is not their current partner would be considered cheating.

What does it mean to be promiscuous?

Slut, trollop, harlot, and the list of names to call a woman who sleeps around goes on and on. It is very much true that there are women out there who enjoy having sex and spend their weekends seducing people at bars, clubs and even when walking down the street on a Monday afternoon. Of course, if anyone hears about someone behaving in this manner, they are going to feel a certain way and believe this person was being promiscuous.

Like many things, when it comes to society’s views on sexually-related topics, what it means to be promiscuous really depends on the person being asked. Generally, a person who is considered promiscuous, simply put, is someone who has casual, sexual relationships with different partners. Although a person who is promiscuous may attempt to be in a monogamous relationship, they may not remain faithful due to their libertine beliefs or strong sex drive.

How do these two ideas differ?

The difference between being polyamorous and promiscuous basically comes down to a person’s wants and needs. Many people who are polyamorous are prefer a stable relationship or relationships. Their partners are just as carefully chosen as the partners of someone who believes in monogamy only there’s the extra benefit of having more than one. In addition to this difference, those who are promiscuous tend to have a higher number of sexual partners and enjoy being free from commitment. Both ideas do have a focus on sex, but with polyamory there is love, intimacy, affection and many of the other perks of being in a relationship with someone. Those considered by some to be promiscuous enjoy the casual ‘no strings attached’ approach and the allure of the chase and conquest.

Not everyone is programmed to be in a monogamous relationship. Many scientists believe humans are not naturally monogamous. But for thousands of years, people have made the decision to have only one partner, and this has resulted in people giving credence to the idea that everyone, male and female, should have only one sexual partner to which they are committed. But for close to the same number of years, there has been evidence that the monogamous lifestyle is not one everyone agrees with or wants to live.

When a woman is living a life of polyamory or promiscuity, it is really no one’s business but hers and the person she is with at the time. People are going to slut-shame, and will probably claim that women are just using the polyamorous lifestyle as a way to make their sexual urges and seemingly sexual deviant behavior more acceptable for many years to come, but that doesn’t mean anyone who is promiscuous or polyamorous should be ashamed. Traditions are going to be broken, people are going to have no-strings-attached sex and three just isn’t a crowd anymore.