She’s beautiful. She’s charming. She’s well-dressed and even more well-spoken. She’s endlessly seductive and just a bit mysterious.

So do you hate her yet—and with a passion? Well don’t sweat it, Girl; this glamorous escort isn’t here to seduce your man.

She is here to seduce you.

For today’s liberated, sexually aware woman, the lesbian or bisexual escort is something of a fantasy figure; and has been for quite some time. One of the first adult films made by and for women—Suburban Dykes, directed by Debi Sundahl and starring Nina Hartley—featured the story of a female couple who spice up their love life with the help of a lesbian escort. More recently, independent lesbian filmmaker Nicole Conn brought us the drama The Perfect Ending, the story of a lovely, feminine homemaker (Barbara Niven) who explores her bi-curious feelings with the aid of a glamorous escort (gorgeous out lesbian supermodel Jessica Clark).

p9245193_d_v8_aaYet contrary to what some may think, the idea of a female escort who caters to other women is not just the stuff of erotic dreams. These days, entire escort agencies are devoted to the concept of supplying female escorts for the pleasure of lesbian and bi-curious women.

“No men. No couples. No voyeurism,” reads the home page at Eve’s Lesbian Escorts in Melbourne, Australia. “This is a strictly female only service, run by women…only for women.”

And at Sheri’s Ranch, a Las Vegas-area brothel, Jeremy Lemur reports in the blog Brothels Aren’t Just for Men Anymoret hat “individuals of the male persuasion are not the only gender to be found among a brothel’s clientele. In recent years, the number of women who visit Sheri’s Ranch has been steadily climbing. In 2014, women and male/female or female/female couples participated in 15% of the sex parties at Sheri’s Ranch, more than a 10% increase from 2007.”

The brothel attributes this spike, writes Lemur, to the “growing interest in female sex tourism (Huffington Post reported that as many as 600,000 women engage in sex tourism annually), increased acceptance of the swinger lifestyle among married couples, and a slow but sure evolution in America toward a less repressive sexual culture.”

“It’s becoming less and less unusual for a lesbian or bisexual woman to seek the company of a working girl,” Lemur reports.

One working girl who regularly enjoys the company of female clients is Charlotte Rose, a UK-based escort, activist, educator, sexual trainer, and author (her new memoir is I Am Charlotte Rose) nicknamed The First Lady of Sex.

“With an escort a woman can feel free to try and experience different things,” said Rose, winner of the Sex Worker of the Year 2013 award. “She can feel liberated, free from people’s perceptions.”

Rose said that her female clients have ranged in age from 19 to 52; some of which experience their first orgasm in her company.

“It’s a pleasure for me to help them achieve that feeling,” she said. “Especially since lesbian sex is plagued by stereotypes. We see so much scissor sex in porn made by and for men. That’s not how lesbian sex works.”

“I’ve often found that the 69 position is best for two women,” she said.

Rose encourages women that are shy about the escort experience to search via the web for companions in their area (or another area, if they wish to remain anonymous), then to make initial contact via e-mail. She said that her female clients include married women contemplating threesomes with their husbands; and bi-curious women who want to explore their feelings and fantasies.

“That’s what I love about my job, every day is something different,” said Rose, adding, “A woman should never feel bad about thinking another woman is beautiful.”

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Megan Hussey is a feminist erotica author known for writing paranormal-based fantasy romances, with more than 30 titles in print, audio and e-book forms through Class Act Books, Melange Books, Metaphysical Erotica publishing, Phaze books and Xcite Books UK, and for her work behind the scenes in the women’s erotica industry, having written for companies such as Playgirl, Chick Media, Eden Fantasys, Good Vibrations and Trejix Toys. Many of her stories revolve around fantasy characters such as mermen, and strong, real woman heroines.