Otherwise Engaged Part III

One year before her nuptials, Leah begins checking off every item on her sexual bucket list. Call it creative monogamy! Read parts I and II!

Leah never really understood why she couldn’t get Eddie to try sex on ecstasy. “Most drug tests don’t even check for ecstasy, do they? It’s not like lawyers are running around at raves all the time or anything. I wouldn’t think they’d put it on the panel, at least. Seems pretty unnecessary to me. But still, he wouldn’t even give it a try.”

Luckily, Leah had other connections. “I work as an event planner. If you can’t get E as an event planner, you might as well give up your job.” After recruiting Zoe into her night’s plan, Leah went out on the town to a rave she’d helped organize and split the pills between the two of them. “I didn’t want to be stupid about it – we had to have a way to find each other if we needed to, and I didn’t want either of us getting hurt. I wasn’t wearing a purse, but I’d tucked my cellphone into my corset, so I knew I’d feel the vibration if she called me.” She paused for a moment, then said, “Best. Plan. Ever.”

The pair separated as they walked through the party, taking in Leah’s successes in decorating the place. Strobe lights were going off all over, and the place was packed and day-glo. Slowly, the E hit her system. “I felt like my whole body was cumming. I felt like I was in love with everyone. I was in love with everyone. Every hand that brushed me while I made my way through the crowd was like a caress.” With so little skin covered, just barely from her breasts to two inches below her ass, it felt like being fondled by the entire universe.

Before long, Leah met back up with Zoe, who had brought some friends from work along. Leah passed out a few more of the pills and began dancing with whoever was nearby. “They just all looked beautiful. I was so happy Brooklyn was there. I kept kissing her, and everyone else too. I wanted more hands. I wanted to touch everyone more.”

Zoe and Brooklyn agreed it was wonderful to see Leah so carefree. “I think this is the best wedding gift Eddie could have given her,” Zoe said. “She’s learning so much about who she is sexually, independent of him, and I think that it will help both of them in the long run, as long as we don’t give him any details of exactly what she’s up to.”

Brooklyn nodded. “We’ve fooled around a couple times since that first night, and she says that sex with Eddie has been better as a result of it – she’s so much more confident now than she used to be, and she’s gotten him to try a few new things out because she can talk about what she wants. Everybody wins!”

Within an hour, the group of them had all started to feel the effects of the drug and hands had started roaming between bodies. “I’m still not entirely sure who it was,” Leah said. “But someone found my phone number and called it over and over again so the vibration rattled against my breasts constantly. I don’t think my nipples have ever been so hard in my entire life.”

Brooklyn and one of the male invitees to the party, Alex, had claimed Leah for their own by then, and the pair of them were intent on touching every piece of her. “I just wanted to get out of there, take them both home with me.” Leah smiled, “So I did. Brooklyn wasn’t psyched about it, but all I cared about was my own pleasure. It was a great relief, not worrying about how anyone else felt about it.”

Brooklyn half-smiles at the memory. “It’s not like I haven’t tried it out with men before. They can be fun – Alex was fun. But I just like girls better. But I get that’s not what it’s like for Leah.”

“I’m pretty much 50-50 on it,” she said. “It’s like apples and oranges.” She giggles. “Like really fucking delicious apples and really fucking delicious oranges.”

The three of them went back to Alex’s house, where they undressed and laid on his king size bed for what felt like hours. “We were just touching – not even sexually – but it felt better than anything I’ve ever known before,” Leah said.

“It’s so sweet, watching someone try it for the first time,” said Alex, one of the graphic designers who worked with Zoe, a 6’3” blond. “I’ve done the sex and E thing a few times, and it started getting boring. But it’s all new again when you do it with someone for the first time.”

“I got tired of touching after a while,” said Leah, “so I pushed Brooklyn’s head between my legs. God, it was like a hot bath on a cold day. Her tongue hit all the perfect places. And Alex didn’t want to miss out, so he snuck up behind Alex and worked his cock inside her. She made this face – I could feel her make it against my clit – and when she moaned, it vibrated through me, and I came right then.”

“Okay,” Brooklyn admits, “It was fucking wonderful. He had E dick, so he stayed hard all night. Just kept working between the two of us, watching us make out, fucking us while we 69ed. I’m not sure if he ever got off, but I can’t even count how many times Leah and I did. It’s a night I’ll never forget.”

Leah’s lost more than a little shyness when it comes to talking about the experiment. “Alex was ramming his cock inside my pussy while Brooklyn licked my clit. I think I started getting lazy, going down on her, but then he’d switch sides, and I’d pretty much sell the stone on my engagement ring just to watch Brooklyn get pounded again by that giant cock.”

Alex didn’t have much to say about the night other than “I’m the most fucking lucky man on the planet as of this morning.”

Leah agreed. “I know I can’t tell Eddie about the details of what happened between the three of us, but I can’t imagine anyone ever dislike the feeling – like we were all part of the same ecstatic body, and every piece of skin was a clitoris just waiting to cum, and then cumming, and then waiting again. I’ve never been so satisfied in my life, and I have been pretty damn satisfied in my time. Maybe if he switched firms? I don’t know. It’s just too good to pass up again.”