Office Fling

Office FlingScandalous!

When we hired somebody new at work, I was pretty disappointed. I mean, was good-looking, but he seemed so shy. Also, he said I was off limits because I was married. Well, sure, I’m married, but my husband is out of town every other week. A girl gets lonely, you know. Besides, I could think of about a dozen things I’d like to do to the boy, and I knew he’d enjoy every one of them. So I started dropping hints that I was willing to play around. Chris still kept his distance, so I started telling him some of my hottest sex stories. He enjoyed them all right, I could tell, but he still wouldn’t make a move.

Finally we got to work together on a slow day, just the two of us. I was bending over to put some papers away when he pressed up against me. It was just for a minute, but long enough for me to feel his hard cock bulge. When he followed me back into my office, I knew things were about to get interesting. I’m not sure who kissed who first. I just know that his tongue was in my mouth and his hands were on my ass and his cock was pressing against me.

I untucked his shirt and ran my hands over his chest, down his stomach, to his jeans. I knew we had to hurry, so I unzipped his pants. When I pulled his dick out, I was
impressed as hell. Seven inches of thick, thick meat pointed straight at me. I sank to my knees and inhaled as much as I could. His cock head bumped against the back of my throat. His hands tangled in my hair, pushing my head down farther. Mmm, he tasted so good. My tongue was all overhim, and he was loving every bit of it.

“Don’t stop,” he said.

His balls were slapping against my chin, and his meat was so far downmy throat that I could barely breathe. Not that I was complaining at all. I was getting so hot that the
crotch of my jeans was soaked. My nipples were rubbing against my shirt, and I was so horny that I was pinching my nipples. Chris came then, filling my throat with his warm, sticky cum.

We weren’t stopping there. I sucked him hard again, then stood up to pull my jeans down. His fingers found my wet snizz and slid in deep. One finger, two, then three, in and out so fast. I couldn’t wait to have his pole inside me. I spread my legs as far as my jeans would let me, then bent over, giving him easy assess.

“Stick it in me,” I begged.

He pushed that huge hunk of meat into me slowly, inch by inch, until I was packed full. It felt better than any dick I’d had in years. He got a rhythm going, pumping me hard while I talked dirty.

“Yeah, fuck me harder! Feels so good!”

I reached down and touched myself, enjoying the feel of him fucking in and out of me. I couldn’t stop moaning, it felt so good.

He held my hips and pounded my snatch raw. When I came, my cunt clenched tight around his tool. He rammed all the way in and sprayed my box full of jizz. The front door opened just as I was pulling my jeans up. How’s that for timing? Next time we’ll remember to lock the damn door.

Wichita Falls, Texas