Office Fling – Should You?

We’ve all been there, there’s a hot guy in your department or in accounting and you’re jonesing to “get to know him better.” He’s hot, funny, and sexy, the only real possible problem is that he’s your co-worker. You just can’t get the image of grabbing him by his tie and throwing him on the conference table and having your way with him out of your mind. Is it ever a good idea to mix business with pleasure?

Office flings can be really hot. Most companies forbid “fraternizing” at work and others just down right frown upon it, so the whole misbehaving/secretive element makes it really sexy. Having to be very discreet and cunning amps up the sex appeal and can make the affair even sexier.

There’s a whole list of reasons why it’s a bad idea to sleep with your co-workers. If things go bad, you potentially have to see this guy every day for the next few years, and if things go well, co-workers might accuse either of you of having an unfair advantage in company matters.

While there are many reasons why you shouldn’t succumb to the office fling, there are just as many reasons why you should. It can be hard to meet people that you totally connect with and want to get busy with so why should working together prevent you from scoring? And sometimes, office flings even turn into office romance. I have one friend who ended up marrying her office fling after months of secretly dating.

If you’ve decided that you just have to have that office hottie, there’s a few ways to seal the deal. Read on how to land that office hottie and for tips on handling the office fling.

There’s no reason you should get your heart broken or lose your job just for a little workplace nookie. You’ve seen that hot co-worker for a few weeks now and you’re wondering how you can get to know him better. First you’re going to need to chat him up. In just a couple of conversations, you can figure out his situation, is he single, available, batting for your team? Once you have that sorted out, flirt, flirt, flirt. Don’t be too aggressive about it since it is the workplace, but definitely compliment him on his gorgeous suit, his great presentation at the conference and anything else you can think of. Once you get to know his deal and that he might be interested, try to get him out of the office.

Ask him to lunch or out for happy hour. If he’s new, you can offer to take him out as a welcoming gesture. If he’s someone who’s been there forever, tell him you’d like to discuss some company matters over your lunch break or that you’d like to include him in the gang’s plan to blow off some steam after work. Once you get him out of the office and you’re both a little more comfortable, once again you have to flirt, flirt, flirt.

Guys can be a little dumb when it comes to knowing what a girl wants, so you have to be a little overt in your tactics. Don’t go overboard and make your plan obvious to all of your co-workers, but let the office hottie that you’re interested. Lunch or happy hour might lead to some time alone and if you’re reading each other’s signals correctly, you might both be in for some action. So now what? You spotted the office hottie, moved things along and you’re full blown in the middle of a fling. How do you protect yourself and your job and still have fun? Be discreet and smart. No one at work should know about this fling, not your bosses and none of your other co-workers. Knowledge about an office fling is just too juicy and might make your “best cubicle-mate” turn on you and make your arrangement office gossip.

Whenever you have plans to get together, try to leave work separately and meet later at a planned location. This will keep the rumor mill to a minimum. When you see each other in the hallways or vending machine at work, try to act very nonchalantly. Try to act like you do with all of your other co-workers. You’ll both know the secret but no one else has to.

When it comes time to do the deed at work, and trust me it will, be careful! There will come some point where you find yourselves alone in the supply closet all sexed up or stuck at work late and you’ll just have to take care of matters. Doing it at work amps up the excitement because there’s this huge risk of getting caught. It’s so hot to get all turned on and to take care of matters in the board room or the stairway. Just try to make sure that you’re alone and that you take care of matters pretty quickly. Even though all of your office mates may have left for the day, there’s always the cleaning crew and security lurking around.

Try not to get too involved. You rarely hear success stories when it comes to office flings, because for the most part, that’s just what they are. I haven’t exactly done any studies, but it seems to me like 1 in 100 office flings actually lead to dating, romance and a trip down the aisle. So try to keep things light and keep yourself from getting too involved. An office fling is just like a “friends with benefits” arrangement. You’re both really in it just for one thing – sex, so keep things simple and don’t go falling head over heels over the office hottie.

Moving on. If you find yourself fulfilled with your office fling and ready to move on, try to end things amicably. There’s nothing worse than having an enemy at work, especially one who has seen you naked and knows one of your biggest secrets. Agree to remain friends and to keep mum about the situation. There’s still no reason for anyone to know your business other than you two. Your big secret still has the potential to get you fired and to get you labeled as the office slut. Neither option is very pretty. So, the next time you find yourself fantasizing about getting horizontal with that cutie from Human Resources, just go for it. Office flings are some of the hottest affairs around as long as you’re smart about it.

If you work in the [geocity] area, we’d love to know if you’ve ever had an office fling and if it was awesome!


  1. I had one with someone who worked for me in my department. In fact, I hired him right out of college because he was somewhat qualified but also very hot. He was such an ass kisser and I took full advantage of his devotion to me, his boss!

  2. I would strongly urge caution before starting a romance or affair with a fellow office worker. Sure, some of them may work out well, some not so much, and many destruct and often cause the end of someones (or both parties) jobs.
    There are fine men everywhere. You can easily change grocery stores if you have a fling with the night manager and things go bad. You can simply change gyms if you fuck the trainer and it goes downhill. Changing jobs is not so easy, especially in the current economic state. I find my lovers (bulls) in the coffee shops, clubs, even my mechanic etc, but those relationships are easy to end if suddenly the dick is not worth the drama or hassle. 🙂