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Myspace was voted by the readers of mashable as the social network most likely to get you laid. Facebook ranked second. If anyone is wondering, scandalouswomen at myspace is right here.

If you’re a fan of NBC’s soap Passions, sorry, it is being cancelled! A press release from NBC states the celebrated daytime drama, which currently averages over 2 million viewers and enjoys an intensely dedicated fan base, will end its network run on NBC September 7 with a series of cliffhangers. But never fear! It will resurface on DIRECTV September 17, picking up where the series left off. The show will remain in its current time slot of 2 PM ET and DIRECTV will air encore marathons of the show each weekend. One hitch: You HAVE to be a DIRECTV subscriber to see it.

A friend of mine had a conversation about Christina Aguilera recently. My friend’s coworker believes the pop diva is finding new stardom because she toned down her “slutty image.” Well, that’s simply isn’t true. Aguilera has been wildly successful even when she was “Dirrty.” And in fact, she hasn’t really altered her prior image that much – she’s just made it look a little classier. As an example, here are some lyrics to her new single, “Candy Man,” which just happens to be one of my favorite songs right now:

He’s a one stop jive, makes my panties drop
He’s a swinging rockin sugar coated candy man
A sweet rockin sugar coated candy man

— snip —

He’s a one stop job, make my cherry pop
He’s a sweet rockin sugar coated candy man
A sweet rockin sugar coated candy man

— snip —

He’s a one-stop shop, with a real big *uhh*
He’s a sweet-talkin’, sugar-coated candyman

Of course, that *uhh* in the second to last line there is really “cock.” And there is probably an unedited version of the song somewhere to actually hear it.

… and their are some great discussions brewing on the cuckold forum at scandalouswomen on many of the topics you read about on my blog.

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