From the most explicit adult movies to mainstream magazines like Cosmopolitan and even here on, the idea of black men with white women has been glamorized, fantasized and fetishized. According to a recent survey, nearly 83 percent of white women  said they often fantasize about being in an interracial relationships and over 60 percent said interracial sex is definitely an exotic fantasy.

But what about the opposite? Do black women have the same sexual curiosity about white men? Many do. There’s still something taboo about hooking up with men of other races. And taboo often translates to bliss.

“So, what was it like?” “How big was he?” “Did you cum?” “Did he try to pull your hair?” These are the typical questions we all ask our girlfriends when sitting down to indulge in scandalous girl talk about who is having the best sex of their life and who seriously needs to gets dicked down. The man in a woman’s life will always be discussed with her friends, whether he’ll only be around for a night, a few months, or a few years, so men should expect that whether he’s packing or lacking, his girlfriend’s friends will know all about what’s going on down there. This is partly due to women looking to their friends for approval because who you fool around can sometimes say a lot about you.

We have all dated or hooked up with someone and later had our friends look at us with confusion. Was the guy ugly? No. Was he attractive? Yes. So, what was the problem with him? It is likely that your friends have looked at you funny because the guy was of a different race. This particular topic has often been confusing for black females because for some reason when a black male ends up with a white female, his friends will applaud and congratulate him on his conquest. However, when a black female gets together with a white male, not only do some black males have something to say about it, so do many of her black girlfriends.

When people are on the hunt for the person they will spend the rest of their life with, or even someone who will fuck them silly on a semi-regular basis and provide them with temporary pleasure until they find the right one, they have many options to choose from. With there being so many fish in the sea, or an abundance of dicks on the dance floor, it is normal for people to date around in hopes of finding their one true love. Some people may choose to date someone within their race, but there are many people who decide to be daring and go against what society may feel is acceptable and date someone of another race.

Regardless of what others may feel is right or wrong when it comes to dating, those in an interracial relationship have made the decision to ignore what others may think or feel and date who they want when they want. When people do this, they may be proud of their decision to date this person, but it may constantly be on their minds how other people do not accept this. They may also wonder what their reasoning may be for not wanting to accept this or even try it for themselves. Maybe it’s a personal preference of theirs to only date black men and have some rough sex with a little head banging and ass smacking. Maybe it’s because they believe in the myths and stereotypes about white men, or maybe they are just too afraid to date outside of their race and see how well a white man can satisfy their every need. We can all applaud black men on their ability to please women, but let’s not ignore the many talents that white men possess and how they can have any women screaming, moaning and squirting simultaneously.

Myths and Stereotypes About White Men

At some point in our lives, we all have heard at least one stereotype about males of a certain race. Of course, people may assume that since this general idea has been believed for years that there must some truth to it. When it comes to white men, and men of any race for that matter, things aren’t always what they seem.

Let’s address the myths and stereotypes that people often associate with white guys.

  1. White men have small dicks.
  2. White men aren’t attracted to black women.
  3. White men are freaks.
  4. White men enjoy anal.
  5. White men love going down on women.

Myths are myths and stereotypes are just stereotypes. White men may love a little ass play or eating your pussy like it’s a his mom’s famous spaghetti, but it definitely doesn’t mean that all white men enjoy these things. Even though many people believe these stereotypes, those of us who are currently dating or have dated a white man or two have liked and loved them for many reasons and did not let these common beliefs affect their decision to date this person. People should remember that certain things vary from individual. A black guy may be able to damn near split you in two, but if given the chance, a white man can do just as much damage and leave your pussy throbbing and you wanting more.

Myths About Why Black Women Love White Men

Just as there has been confusion about why black men love white women, there has been confusion about why black women love white men. There are many pluses to dating any race because people are so different, so it should not be surprising that there are things about white men that black women find irresistible. For some, it could really be that they get lost in his baby blues or that they believe he’ll be gentle and cater to her needs, but you’ll never really know until you ask.

Here are a myths that have been told about why black women love white men.

  1. They want mixed babies.
  2. They want their children to have “good hair.”
  3. They want their husband to be rich and support them.
  4. They don’t want to date someone within their own race.
  5. They don’t believe a black man can provide for them the way a white man can.

Everyone has heard the phrase “Don’t knock it till you try it.” However, there are many women who are afraid to cross that line and satisfy their curiosity about white men. Instead, they live vicariously through those who have, not showing too much interest in the topic or behaving as if they are disgusted, but secretly yearn for a similar experience.

If you think about it, there have been many things that have been seen as unacceptable or frowned upon.  When looking at dating, there will always be women who want to go out and suck a man white man into Utopia and let him marry her when all is said and done. Even though some go black and don’t come back, others may have never even thought about being with a black man again after experiencing what it’s like to be with someone white.

So, what do you think?

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