Norwegian women become sexual predators

A huge study has revealed that Norwegian women are becoming sexual predators.

The seven-year study of 2,700 young Norwegian men and women says the line between male and female sexual roles is fading.

Norwegian women in their 20s have become more aggressive and are more likely to initiate sex than their older sisters, often even surpassing men in their own age group, said the report.

The report found that women in the study took on a more masculine role in their sex lives but without sacrificing their femininity. It also found that women are experiencing sex and relationships for the first time before males.

“The girls have changed a lot in recent decades. The difference between young men and young women in their sexual lives has increased,” said the project’s leader, Willy Pedersen.

The University of Oslo sociology professor said the trend seems to intimate that young men sit alone in their rooms satisfying themselves “while the young women go out in the world and live out their new, liberated sexuality.”

Norway routinely tops international studies of gender equality.

The country got its first female prime minister, Gro Harlem Brundtland, in 1981.

More than 40% of the current government, and nearly as many as MPs, are women. The government is set to legally require that at least 40% of all corporate boards have female members.

Associated Press