North Jewelry has the Finest Italian Jewelry

Like many women, jewelry is my weakness. My armoire is literally overflowing with it – chains, rings, bracelets, earrings – gifts from friends and the men in my life. Gold, silver, valuable and the costume variety, my collection runs the gamut. But it isn’t often I get a chance to review it but Santa was good late last year in the form of Vito at North Jewellery. He sent over a collection of really Italian pieces that we all fought over before finally dividing it between us.

In our goodie box was a 2mm Diamond cut anchor chain, a 1.5mm diamond cut box chain, a multi faceted marquise pendant with amethysts and some really sexy toe rings.  North Jewellery promises access to REAL savings on the finest Italian made jewelry. Their mission is to have the lowest prices anywhere in north America, with prices 30%-50% Lower than Canada’s top online retailers.

Beautiful and sexy, these pieces will inspire you. Take a look at their website, notice the deep discounts and place your order today!



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