Nite of Bliss: Me, Hubby and my boyfriend

Please excuse me if my concentration lapses from time to time. As I write this. Right now, my devoted husband Joe is kneeling with his face between my legs, giving my pussy some of the most wonderful, passionate French kisses you can imagine. My boyfriend “Big Red” is on the way over and Joe’s getting me lubed and ready. And I’m teasing him mercilessly.

“I want Red’s huge cock to slide in nice and easy,” I just told him. “And if you don’t get me nice and wet, Big Red and I are going to spank you until your bottom shines like a cherry!” (We often do just that, BTW. What fun!)

“And when my pussy is good and soaked, I want you to come up and suck my tits. I want my nipples as hard as diamonds so they look sexy for Red.”

They don’t call him “Big Red” for just the obvious reasons. He IS amazingly big “down there.” But so is my hubby. Both their dicks are enormous. They call him Big Red because he’s about six-10, with massive, lumberjack muscles like that wrestler/movie star (the Rock). He has red hair and sexy green eyes.

Joe is athletic too. But his body is more like a cyclist or swimmer. Red outweighs him by about 40 pounds. Both of them have great, tight, muscular asses and neither has an ounce of fat anywhere. So am I the luckiest gal alive or what? Two big-dicked studs to pamper and please me. . .

When Joe and I got married, I made it clear. My pleasure, fun and excitement is paramount. Whatever thrills, excites and satisfies me, is his mission. ”And when you displease me, you must submit to any devious punishment I hand out,” I told him.

Joe is crazy about me. I know how to drive him wild in bed. So he agreed. He’s addicted to fucking me. So he puts up with being my slave. Still, he gets a little lazy sometimes and when that happens, I have to punish him and make him jealous (He’s always so much more passionate when he feels he’s “competing” for me.)

It all started one night after Joe got too excited, put his own needs above mine and came too fast. I took him over my lap and spanked him for about an hour but I decided it wasn’t quite punishment enough. Besides I was still horny and unsatisfied. So I went out to a bar and picked up Red. He was so hot-looking and such a good kisser that I almost lost control and fucked him in the back seat of my car in the parking lot. But I used restraint, knowing I could put him to better use. I brought him home and sat with him on the sofa.

I ordered Joe to strip down to his jockey shorts and kneel in front of us. I wanted to watch his big penis bulging against his shorts while I got it on with Red. Hearing me make the command made Red laugh. (He has a great booming laugh). Joe looked at me, incredulous. “This is where I draw the line,” he said. “I’ll put up with you spanking me, but I won’t put up with you bringing another guy home.”

I just smiled and whispered in Red’s ear, “Darling, would you please . . .um, ‘help’ my husband off with his pants?” Red laughed a devilish laugh that made my pussy tingle.

“I’d be happy to oblige,” he said. And before Joe knew it, Red was wrestling him down like a cowboy wrangles a steer. What a turn-on to watch all that masculinity, two “rams’ grappling for me. Joe put up a good fight, but he was no match for Red. In no time at all, Red had him pinned helplessly on the living room floor. He didn’t hurt him physically, but, clearly Joe’s pride was considerably worse for wear. Then Red gave me one of the sexiest “shows” I’ve ever seen. Slowly, masterfully, he peeled my man’s shirt, shoes and pants off, and put him over his knee there on the floor.

I hadn’t counted on the sight of it being so erotic, but watching Joe helplessly stretched across Red’s lap drove me to unexpected heights of passion. I decided I had to take it to the next level.

“Could you bare his ass and redden it for me,” I asked, barely able to get my breath. And laughing heartily, Red slid Joe’s undies down to his ankles and gave him one of the most powerful bare-hand-to-bare-fanny spankings you can imagine. Just imagine it, ladies. The sight of a neglectful man being given a comeuppance like this, getting his beautiful, creamy-white ass reddened by a dutiful “gladiator” for ignoring a woman’s needs. And did he ever redden it! Joe’s legs were kicking like crazy and he struggled to get away but Red held him in place with one hand and smacked away on his buns with the other. When he finished I was sliding off the sofa. He said, “Are you ready to listen to this little lady now and do what she tells you?” Red asked him. Joe nodded.

He let him up and made him kneel, nude now, in front of the sofa. Despite his humilation, his cock was standing up like a monument to his passion for me.

Red sat beside me. He, too, stripped down, removed his jockeys and bared his huge prick for me. I had already taken off my jeans and undone my blouse (no bra). Red kissed me deeply and with one hand he expertly massaged my breasts and with the other, he began stroking my gushing pussy. He slid my panties off and we made Joe give me head while we made out. I stroked Reds big dick slowly. Sheer ecstasy.

That was just the beginning. Needless to say, I didn’t let those two huge dicks go unplayed with that night. I had them lie down on the bed side by side and jacked them both slowly and teasingly until they were dying for me! Needless to say, I got the fucking of my life. Now, we get together regularly. If Joe tries to rebel, Red and I sit side by side, make him lie across our laps and spank him together.

What incredible fun!