Nightcore and Akira Sun take trance to a new level

If you’re a big music fan you know styles have sub-genres. I have an ex-boyfriend who was a big metal head and keeping up with all the different types of heavy metal was maddening. But I’ve never heard the birth of a sub-genre until this week when I was introduced to ‘nightcore.’ At first listen, it sounds like the high energy keyboard-driven beats of trance. But according to DJ/producer Akira Sun nightcore is really a form of sampling made popular in the hip hop world.

“I involves taking other people’s music and changing the tempo and changing the pitch.”

Akira Sun, however, gives this treatment to his own productions on his latest release Nightcore Vol. 1.  Each song in this eleven song collection drips trance infused beats and inspires dance floor red alerts. His goal is to make this current underground style much more commercially available to dance music fans.

“I am the first DJ/Producer In the World to make nightcore commercial,” he explains. “It’s my ambition to make it more internationally known.”

Hot tracks include Lonely Nights, Ocean Girl and Voyage. Catch a sampler of it on his Youtube page and, as always, I’ve got your downloadable track below.

Download here or listen below.