Nevrmynd Track Melodramatic is A Tasty Blend of Electronic Swag

Part of the intrigue that lies within EDM music is the expression of futuristic sounds, alien effects, and other-worldly ambiance that can often be felt as layers of sound work together to create somewhat of a trancelike state. Often times, artists go a little bit further and incorporate unconventional influences into their music The newest release Melodramatic from EDM artist Nevrmynd is an chilling blend of chaotic effects, urban street flows, and whimsical instrumentals whipped up to create a rare and highly addictive sound. The track serves up a tasty mix of underground swag and mesmerizing dance beats intertwined within an upbeat listening experience.

Melodramatic is an animated track that performs with colorful beat patterns, intricate sound effects, and infectious melodies. The track delivers rolling waves of energy that range from chill and laid back to upbeat and highly percussive. Frantic bursts of electronic elements flow throughout the production, heightening the sweat-factor and getting all bodies loose on the dance floor.  This is a “feel good” track that will keep listeners on the move and perhaps wrapped up in a technologically-advanced music frenzy. Of course, when sprinkling the track with a little old-school bit from hip hop’s very own hype man Busta Rhymes, and seasoned with a dash of Rah Digga and Flip Mode, it is impossible to go wrong. Nevrmynd scores a massive win with “Melodramatic”,  a digital dose of electronic elixir destined to soothe the soul.

If you fashion the sounds of old-school hip hop music and have a satiable taste for EDM, you will enjoy Nevrmynd’s newest production. Melodramatic is the type of track that will make dance crews suit up, hit the block and get ready for battle. Music fans will devour Nevrmynd’s distinct stylistic quality, and dark urban flair.  The track pounds hard with a flurry of furious sounds and futuristic flavor. Nevrmynd will indeed garner a great number of head-nods from multiple sides of the music spectrum with his latest release.

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