Networking in Department Store Dressing Rooms?

top1.jpgI think this is hot! Department stores will be soon be implementing new technology into their fitting rooms that allow people to communicate, hook up, share outfits, rate clothing, etc. Imagine an interactive mirror for use outside fitting rooms that will stream high-definition video of shoppers modeling clothes to their friends’ computers or mobile devices. It will also allow the friends to comment on the outfits and to select other designs in the collection for the shopper to try. Just log onto a computer in Macy’s and quickly find out, for example, what other people are buying to wear to the clubs that weekend, share outfits, rate clothing, and get fashion advice. You might also learn who’s doing who, who got dumped by who, what mascara clumps the worse, and the shoe size of that cute guy from work. Know what I mean, girls? more…

Shave Your Pussy in 60 Seconds!

No shit! The “Bikini Line Genie” is a protective shield that let’s you shave your pubic area without worrying about nicking the most sensitive areas (ouch!), and prevents loose stubble from entering. Best of all? No more of that “ack! ack!” noise after your man (men) goes down on you! Check it out here.

And while we’re on the subject of good hygiene, there’s a new option for women “on-the-go” who take oral contraceptives. Warner Chilcott recently introduced spearmint-flavored chewable birthcontrol pills. Additionally, the active ingredients and doses in Femcon Fe provide effective cycle control and may be a good choice for women who are experiencing breakthrough bleeding with their current oral contraceptive.

Just be careful who you let borrow your breathmints! link


  1. I’ve always believed that the worst thing about fitting rooms is the irritating salespeople who make your life a nuisance. When I was at Old Navy the other day, a sales lady only made one fitting room available to all the customers. There were 5 people waiting in line, and I ended up not buying a dress because I wasn’t willing to wait half an hour to try it on.