Natural Contours LIBERTÉ: Liberating

Sleek. Sophisticated. For women with sophisticated tastes. I was imaging how a TV or radio commercial would sound for Natural Contours’ line of womens’ personal products as I gently slid a demo model of their LIBERTÉ out of it’s box and into mine. The Mercedes Benz of pleasure devices! Hmmm…  the lines would be delivered in a suave European accent, no doubt!

The first thing you notice about these vibrators is they’re not really shaped like a penis.  They don’t looks like rabbits.  The best description I can give is they resemble the sculptures found in furniture stores that deal in avant-garde designs. I’m certain one could be displayed on a hall table next to a porcelain vase and flower arrangement and your visiting mother be none the wiser, or perhaps even in a museum display of modern art, its purpose only revealed when someone turns it on.

Oh, yes, turning the LIBERTÉ on reveals a powerful three-speed vibration that is also surprisingly quiet so your roommate doesn’t inquire about the power tools being used in your bedroom! It also offers an additional setting that can only be described as throbbing. It was designed in Europe along with famous adult actress Candida Royalle with the curves of our bodies in mind. It’s ergonomically enhanced 8 inches massages the right areas, finding the G-spot with ease. But don’t let the design fool you.  This is not a gentle toy. It packs a wallop I can only describe as brute bliss. You might even call it liberating.

Jolie – A Discreet Traveling Companion

BONUS REVIEW!  The ladies at Natural Contours also sent us their waterproof wonder, the Jolie. It’s just the right size to fit into your purse, making it the perfect and discreet travel companion. But don’t let the size fool you. It gets the job done!


Natural contours massagers are discreetly packaged in an attractive box with instructions and batteries included, except where noted. They are made of high quality ABS plastic with a Japanese low noise Electro motor and a three speed slide switch. Produced under ISO standards.

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