My Roommate's Guy

roommatesTo say my college roommate and I don’t get along would be an understatement. We were kind of thrown together by mutual friends when both of us were in need of a place to live for our junior year but there were tensions immediately. I’m a neat freak and she’s a clutterer. She always leaves her shit laying everywhere – the furniture, floor, dirty dishes in the sink – and it drives me nuts I figured I could deal with her for a few semesters but wasn’t prepared for her utter sloppiness. Dirty dishes in the sink became a fixture. Wall to wall clutter filled the living room. It would get out of hand unless I tidied it up.

Once again I had to come home and clean up the place in order to do my homework in peace. After straightening the clutter and starting my project, my roommate Candice busted in the room laughing with her boyfriend, Brandon. She ignorantly said “Hey” and passed me without looking to see if I was busy or not. She just continued blabbering about whatever she was discussing, and led Brandon to her room. Brandon walked near me and kindly greeted me with a “Hello” and warm smile as usual. I felt his big hand land on my shoulder and gently slide off as he passed by. Chills ran down my spine as I continued my homework, trying to ignore them both. However, Brandon was highly noticeable. It sickened me to know he’s dating Candice and doesn’t know how she really is when he isn’t around. She acts like a princess in public, but is a lazy pig at home. If the place gets cleaned, I do it. Hell, I can just hear her bragging about how clean her place is now. What a bitch.

Just when I was finishing up, I heard Candice’s squeaky room door open. Brandon walked out with the same cute smile he always wore. He comfortably sat down and we talked. It seemed like we would talk about the things Candice failed to talk to him about. We actually had a lot in common – like both being psychology majors. If you ask me, he needs to be with a girl like me instead of Candice. Candice only likes him for his looks. He is about six feet even, athletic, and has a trimmed goatee that compliments his smile and eyes. He is sexy, and I struggle to ignore his cool swagger just to respect Candice and myself. After a brief chat, he disappeared back into the room and I fell asleep on the couch in my shorts and a big T-shirt.

The next morning I woke up early as usual. I walked over to our small kitchen to find Brandon shirtless and drinking coffee. He said he remembered how I like coffee in the morning, so he took the initiative to make some for us. I shyly made my way over to grab a mug. Brandon then stepped in front of me and opened his arms to welcome a hug. I just smiled and leaned in to give him a friendly hug. He gripped me tight, pulled me in closer, and gave me a long warm hug. Shockingly he told me “You don’t have to pretend anymore”. I let go of him and asked him what he meant. Unexpectedly, he stepped to me, hooked me in with one arm, and gave me a kiss. I didn’t know what to think, and words couldn’t describe how I felt. I kissed him back, finally being able to grab and rub his body. His strong muscles tightened as he lifted me off the floor and onto the counter. His lips traveled down to my neck, and he softly kissed and sucked on me. His tongue made circles and all kinds of shapes all over my neck, and by then I could feel his stiff cock between my legs.

I then felt his strong hands grip my hips and slide up my back, to my bra strap. I broke from his trance and remembered Candice could walk in any minute. She always slept in late, so he didn’t stick around this early for nothing. We both knew we wanted each other, and with nothing said, he proceeded to take off my panties. I gently refused Brandon’s next kiss and pushed him back. Yet the way he looked at me made me want him more. My mind was telling me no, however, I let him roll my moist panties down to my ankles. He teased me with kisses that started at my feet and slowly made way up my thighs. Brandon then firmly placed his tongue on my clit. I struggled to hold in my moans as he vibrated and sucked on my hot spot while fingers slid inside of me.

I anxiously removed my loose shirt and bra. He used one of his hands to reach up a massage my breasts while his lips were still locked on my throbbing clit. Brandon then stood up and gave me more kisses. I began to slide down the basketball shorts he was wearing, and his meaty cock swung out. I took one last peak at the end of the kitchen to make sure Candice wasn’t going to pop up. I eagerly grabbed him by the waist and reeled him in. The tip of his cock slowly seeped in me until his whole stick disappeared. He filled me up with slow, deep strokes. I held my legs open for him to give me all he had to offer. He leaned down, sucked on my breasts, and began feeding me even faster. I held onto his body tight, grasped for air and biting down on his shoulders trying not moan out loud. That’s until he lifted me from the counter and into the air. His eyes beamed right into mine and he continued to give me more of him. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as over bearing pleasure shot through my body. Brandon only stroked nonstop, telling me to take it.

His strong body held me up, and with his juicy cock still inside of me, he then walked us into the living room. He threw me onto the couch and I landed with a thud. We paused for a bit, hoping the sound didn’t wake Candice. He calmly smiled and threw my legs over his shoulders. Brandon’s aggressiveness really turned me on. He acted as if he knew we were going to have sex and planned every position. The head of his dick teased my wet hole. He planted his warm lips on my ankles, and slowly eased himself in. We then got into this crazy sexy rhythm. I was close to cumming and he was, too. Just before I was ready to explode, we heard Candice’s loud yawn. But it was too late for him! He pulled out quickly and I could tell his knees went weak. He shot his load all over the living room carpet as he desperately tried to compose himself! It was actually kind of funny! We shockingly looked at each other and scurried to get up. I dashed to the kitchen to recover my clothes. Before I could get my shorts on, I heard the squeaky bedroom door open. Candice then appeared in the kitchen to see me pouring a mug of coffee.

“Hey skank” she said, which is what she usually says every morning. She made herself a cup of coffee and made her way to the living room. I hurried behind her, in fear that she would find Brandon half naked. I was getting ready to come up with an escape method, until we reached the living room to find Brandon asleep and snoring. I chuckled to myself when he then woke up and greeted us good morning as he would any regular morning. Candice asked him if he slept ok. “I slept great!” he responded. She walked over to him and gave him a kiss. I silently watched as he kissed her while glancing over at me. Lastly my morning ended, but me and Brandon both knew we’d meet up again early one morning soon.

~Jessica L.
Ohio State University

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