My neighbor, my slave

neighborWhile my boyfriend commutes to work every day, I toil at home. I run my own business from my home office, which is on the second floor of our rented house. My office window happens to overlook our neighbor’s patio. I usually hear nothing from next door during the day. However, several weeks ago I heard the clicking of high heels on the concrete driveway. My first thought was that my neighbor, Todd, had a female friend over at his house, and being a little nosy, I thought I’d take a peek.

I went over to the window and looked outside. I saw a cute blonde dressed in an adorable French maid outfit. I was careful to keep my presence a secret because I didn’t want to interrupt the romantic play that I figured Todd and this woman were having. But then something happened that threw me for a loop: The woman’s cell phone rang, but when she answered the call, I heard Todd’s voice! My God, I thought, Todd is a cross dresser!

I stood by the window, listening and watching, and I finally went downstairs and opened the sliding door, which led out to the backyard. I quietly kicked off my shoes and snuck closer to the fence. I peered through, and, yep, there was Todd in full makeup, a blonde wig, and that sweet French maid uniform. I climbed up onto a lounge chair near the fence, looked over and startled the hell out of him. He realized right away that I’d discovered his secret, so he didn’t run. He knew it was too late for that. He stuttered and stammered, telling me that he liked to dress up while he cleaned his house, adding that he thought I’d gone for the day because he saw my car pull out of the driveway that morning. What he didn’t realize is that my boyfriend’s car was in the shop, so he’d borrowed mine.

Todd stood there staring at me, his beautiful face blushing. I took it upon myself to make the next move, and came around the fence to pay him a more personal visit. Once I was there, I made him strut around the yard. Those four inch heels made a sexy click clacking sound, and when he twirled, his white petticoats flared out. I loved the way he looked. To be honest, it kind of turned me on.

Todd looked worried and begged me not to tell a soul. With a twinkle in my eye, I told him I wouldn’t but that it would cost him.

Since Todd worked the twilight shift, from four o’clock to midnight, I knew he had the daytime free. I suggested that he could be my maid, because I hated keeping house while trying to operate my business. That suggestion must have hit a submissive nerve in him because he jumped at the chance. I took him by the hand and pulled him over to my house. I instructed him to get busy washing the dishes. Since it was Friday, I told him I would make up a list of his weekly chores, and that on Monday I expected my maid to appear promptly at nine in the morning.

On Monday morning, Todd was on my doorstep in his freshly laundered and ironed French maid uniform, including stiff, white petticoats and a white lace cap perched atop his blonde wig. I showed Todd his work schedule. Every morning, he was to wash the dishes from the night before, wash the breakfast dishes, prepare my lunch, and clean up afterward. On Monday, he had to change the linens on the bed. Tuesday he had to do the laundry and ironing, as well as vacuum. Wednesday and Thursday were for odd jobs, like dusting and cleaning out the refrigerator. Each afternoon before my boyfriend came home, Todd had to water the plants in the garden. If there were no other chores to do, I’d put him to work performing secretarial duties in my office.

I soon found that with Todd’s help, I was able to generate more revenue. I decided to reward Todd with gifts of new dresses smart looking professional outfits that added to the atmosphere of a real office. After doing his housework in the morning, Todd would change from his uniform and become my pretty secretary. He looks beautiful in a dress, hosiery and heels. We started taking breaks away from the house, having lunch at local restaurants and shopping together at the mall. Todd and I became close friends.

Usually by nine o’clock I am dressed and waiting for Todd’s knock on the door. One recent Monday, my boyfriend and I were running late, so I hadn’t had time to change out of my negligee by the time Todd arrived. I let him in, apologizing for not being dressed properly and said that I hoped he wasn’t embarrassed to see me wearing my tiny baby doll. I could tell from the lustful look in his eyes, however, that he didn’t mind at all. I don’t know why, but at that moment I blurted out that my boyfriend always fucks me before he leaves for work in the morning and leaves my pussy oozing come. I told him I usually take a shower before his arrival, but I hadn’t yet had the chance.

I started to leave the room, but impulsively I turned back toward him. I suggested that maybe his first chore of the morning should be to clean out my pussy with his tongue. I grabbed him by his choker, led him to an armchair, pushed him down to his knees, and sat myself in front of him. I draped my legs over the arms of the chair and told him to get going. He immediately slurped up the come that had dribbled down my thigh and then got to work cleaning my pussy.

Todd’s tongue was a gift. My boyfriend would never go down on me after sex, but my little maid ate my creamy pussy without hesitation. Whenever he stopped to take a breath, I nudged his head back down and told him I would tell him when I was satisfied. He continued lapping at my cunt for more than forty five minutes, which made me wetter and wetter. After I had multiple orgasms and was sated, I pushed him away and told him to prepare my breakfast while I showered and dressed.

Cleaning my pussy has become Todd’s first chore of the morning. Within seconds of his arrival, he heads straight for the chair and kneels before it, waiting for me to sit down. On one of those occasions just last week, I looked at him with a smirk on my face and told him I had a surprise. That morning my boyfriend had loaded up my ass with come, so I knelt on the chair and presented my dripping hole to Todd. I enjoyed having his tongue licking me back there, and I rubbed my clit until I came while his tongue probed my backdoor. Having Todd clean my ass made him truly submissive to me. I adore him, and he will always be my special maid.

Ms. Isabella K., Trenton, New Jersey


  1. LOL. I could actually imagine this happening in my apartment complex, too. We have a regular Melrose Place! Hot story!