My Grown-up Christmas Wish

OK, I admit it! I was feeling sorry for myself. My boyfriend Cliff had broken up with me only three weeks before Christmas during winter break from our college. My best friend Kate tried to pursue me to spend the holidays with her. But I decided to head up to my family’s ski lodge. With my parents on a holiday cruise, I knew I’d have the place to myself to lick my wounds in private.

I’d been at cabin less than an hour when there was a knock on the door. Except for Kate and my mom and dad, no one knew my whereabouts, so I wasn’t expecting any company. Curious, I went to the foyer and called out, “who’s there?”

“Santa Gram!” came the bright reply in a decidedly masculine voice.

“Yeah, and I’m Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” I snapped back sarcastically. “You’ll have to do better than that!”

“To do better than that,” intoned the mystery man, “you’ll have to let me in… please? It’s cold out here and besides, Kate will have a shit if you don’t let me in to deliver the present she wanted to send you.”

Kate, you crazy woman, I thought to myself. What present could she possibly be sending? I immediately realized there was no alcohol in the place. Or maybe she’d sent me some weed? I sighed in half anticipation and half annoyance and opened the door. But when I saw what was standing on the other side I was suddenly thankful to have such a good friend.

This Santa was my type of guy – dark, handsome, muscled but not too buff – and he was bearing gifts! What more could I girl ask for? I was about to find out.

You’re Ginny?” he asked skeptically.

“Why? Is something the matter?”

xmas4“Well, it’s just that you’re a lot more attractive than my regular clients,” he blurted out. For a split second, I wondered if he was just after a bigger tip, but I realized he wasn’t kidding.

What could I do but invite him in? We walked to the sofa and I sat down. Reaching into his bag, he brought out a bottle of champagne, popped it open, then poured me some into a tall flute. Then he flipped on his music and began to dance for me. As his clothes fell away piece by piece, my body started to tingle with sexual vibrations.  I decided to just relax and enjoy the show when I noticed the over-sized bulge poking out the front of his Santa pants. He slowly peeled them away, revealing one of the biggest and most beautiful cocks I’d ever seen. It seemed I wasn’t the only one having a good time.

“Do you want to touch me, Gimmy?” he asked, his voice quivering.

“Is that part of the service?” I inquired,

“No,” he answered, never stopping the sensual sway of his hips, “but I want you to… and I want to pleasure you as well. Ginny, you’re so beautiful. Let me make love to you.”

I was so hungry for him I didn’t even stop to think. In a twinkling, the clothes I’d been wearing lay mingled with his on the floor. He dropped his face to my neck and began to kiss his way down the sensitive flesh as my nipples strained to meet his eager lips. While his hands stroked my breasts, his tongue inched closer to my cunt. I shivered in anticipation of what was next.

He nudged his face between my legs and inhaled deeply. “So sweet,” he murmured against my skin. “I want to taste you.” As his mouth settled on my swollen clit, a shock of pleasure coursed through my body. A wave of aromatic fluid swept from my inner sea and washed his face with salty foam.

The liquid expression of my arousal only seemed to spur him on. With heightened fervor, he plunged his dancing tongue deep inside me, while his thumb traced crazy circles around my clit. All at once, my entire nervous system exploded with a million colored lights – just like when they throw the switch on the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. Everything was instantly “Joy-to-the-World” beautiful.

Santa looked up from my legs and smiled. “That was only your first present,” he told me and then he spent the rest of the afternoon proving it. By the time we were through, we’d fucked in just about every corner of the house. Finally, exhausted, we made our way back to the living room. Laying back on the couch, he gently licked his cum out of me, bringing me to another sweet orgasm.

He lay his head in my lap and I stroked his hair. “And I thought this was going to be a blue Christmas.

“Yes, Virginia…” he replied, inching his hand playfully up my thigh. “There really is a Santa Clause.”

Burlington, Vermont