My Friend's Bachelorette Party

My friend Janie was getting married. Our friend Annie invited all of us girls over to her house for a wild bachelorette party she was throwing for Janie. It turned out to be a very interesting evening.

The night started out with food and drinks, then we played some games, and Janie opened all her presents. Then two gorgeous male strippers showed up. By the time they showed up we had all had a little to drink and were ready to get wild. The two guys started out by devoting their attention to Janie since she was the guest of honor. Janie was a little shy and did not like all the attention. Soon they decided to move on to the other guests. Drake, the tall, dark, muscle bound stripper took one side of the room and the other stripper, Ryan took my side of the room. Ryan was shorter but had more rippling muscles than Drake and he looked like a nice all American guy while Drake looked more dangerous.

The guys were much more daring and devoted more personal attention to us then they would have if we were at a club. At first I was quite shocked to see them lifting up shirts and doing body shots off of the girls. They were also giving very intimate lap dances. A few of the girls that were already married declined the personal attention. Out of shyness I almost declined too, but decided why not? I was young and single and deserved to have I some fun.

Ryan made his way to me and gave me a very personal lap dance which I am sure made me blush as bright red as the shirt I was wearing. He whispered sweet things in my ear as he rubbed himself against me. Then he moved down my body and pulled me into a laying position on the sofa. He undid my jeans and lifted up my shirt. He use a spray can of whip cream and made a trail between my breasts, across my stomach, down to the top of my underwear. He trailed his tongue across my chest and stomach licking the whip cream and sending shivers throughout my body. By the time he was done I was more” than a little turned on.

They guys wrapped up their show and gathered all their things together then sat down and hung out with us. After a little while they went upstairs to get dressed and cleaned up. I needed to use the restroom so I went upstairs after them. I was standing in front of the mirror fixing my make up when the bathroom door that was connected to the bedroom opened. Ryan walked in.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I didn’t know anyone was in here.”

“That’s okay, I was just fixing my makeup and hair and cleaning the rest of the whip cream off my stomach,” I said “Yeah, that’s what I need to do. I’m all sticky too.” I should have just turned around and walked out but for some reason I didn’t. Ryan stood there with just a pair of jeans on that were zipped but not fastened I watched him wash his chiseled chest and his six pack abs. He was gorgeous and I suddenly wanted him real bad I was normally very shy and couldn’t imagine making the first move, especially not with a stranger. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe I just felt bold, but on that night I went for it.

“I bet with this job you have a lot of women hit on you,” I said to him.
“Yeah, sometimes, it comes with the territory,” he replied
“So do you sleep with women that you perform for?” I asked.
“No, I try not to mix business with pleasure.” he said with a dazzling smile. Damn, I thought, that probably means I didn’t have a chance with him but his smile said otherwise.

“What would you say if I said I wanted to have sex with you?”
He looked surprised and asked, “Right here? Right now?”
“Yeah, why not?” I said and he smiled giving me a go ahead look. I dropped to my knees in front of him, unzipping his jeans and removing his erection from his underwear. I licked his hard cock up and down then took it into my mouth. I sucked hungrily until I saw his knees shake and he leaned back to steady himself against the counter top. I stood up, removing my shirt and tossing it to the floor. I undid my bra and let it fall to the ground. He kicked off his jeans and underwear as I slid down my jeans and thong adding them to the pile of clothes on the floor.

Ryan moved toward me and pulled me into a passionate embrace. He hungrily kissed my lips and nuzzled against my hair and neck. He picked me up off the ground and turned us around planting my butt on top of the counter. His lips pressed against mine again. Then he began to trail his tongue down my body. This time there was no clothing in the way as his lips brushed against my hard nipples. His tongue circled them, teasing them to erection as he nibbled and sucked on them, going back and forth between them. He kept my breasts cupped in his large hands as his mouth worked its way down my body, stopping to tease my belly button then moving between my thighs.

His hands spread my legs open wider as he moved his face between them. He gently kissed my inner thighs, and then he kissed my outer lips. His tongue slid inside me sending heat rushing through my body and making my head spin. His swirling tongue danced and dipped, softly flicking against my clit then plunging inside hot folds of flesh. I could feel a climax building inside me just as he slid a finger deep inside my pussy, driving me over the edge. I thrust against his mouth, wrapping my legs around him. I exploded with a soft moan.

Ryan moved away from me for a moment and rummaged around in his bag for something. When he pulled out a small square wrapper I realized it was a condom. Good, I thought, I didn’t even have one if he had one. He tore it out of the package and rolled it onto his long shaft. He eased back between my legs and pressed the tip of his penis against me then easily penetrated my hot wetness. He went deeper with every thrust. I was dizzy with ecstasy. My hands gripped his broad shoulders and caressed the bulging muscles on his arms. He smelled so good as I kissed and nibbled on his neck. I reached out with my foot and kicked the toilet seat down. I told him to take a seat. He sat down and I hopped off the counter. I straddled him pressing my breasts into his face as I impaled myself on his hard cock. I rode him hard until I climaxed on him again. While kissing his sensual lips I felt him quiver and his cock go rigid inside me. He moaned against my lips and I knew he had come.

He held me for a few minutes then I gingerly separated myself from him as held the base of the condom. We cleaned up and got dressed Then I opened the door to walk out My friend Karen was standing there waiting to use the restroom. She gave us a knowing smile as she watched us walk out together. I didn’t care if she told everyone. I had nothing to be ashamed of and I was quite proud of myself for finally taking some initiative to get what I wanted.

Before he left Ryan gave me his card with his home and cell phone numbers written on the back. He kissed me goodbye and asked me to call him. I never did that one night was all I needed from him.