Monks of Mellonwah raise the bar for alternative music

Music, as a dynamic moving vehicle of expression, has the innate ability to communicate a myriad of emotions, stimulate a deeper thought model, and grapple with the taboo. Operating within the various realms of power and influence and born from many walks of life, music can create memories; open the gates of movement, and most importantly entertain. While many bands are often focused solely on entertainment, leaving thought provoking content by the wayside, there are bands that emerge with the ferocious desire to deliberately leave a distinct imprint upon the musical terrain. These are the bands that transcend time, the artists that appeal to multiple generations, and the bands that pioneer cutting-edge sounds.

When considering the roots of alternative music on the musical sound-stage and some of its most well-known characters, it is no wonder that the Sydney based band Monks of Mellonwah is steadily gaining ground as one of the most highly acclaimed alternative bands of today. Much like earlier bands Incubus and the Sublime, they have developed an avant-garde sound that will set the bar impossibly high for future contenders. The release of their debut album Turn The People is a polished fusion of sound and style, delivering a breath of poetic artistry against the backdrop of monumental rock sounds.

Although they are considered an alternative band, the Monks of Mellonwah incorporate various elements of progressive, electronic, and pop into their album, making it a uniquely diverse declaration of musical genius. Blessing fans with 13 infectious tracks, the songs range from nostalgic sounding presentations as heard in their popular lead single Tear Your Hate Apart to more progressive vibes in Pulse where the vocals are more pop driven. Turn The People is delivered in a dynamic manner, weaving up-tempo, moderate, and slower tempo arrangements as heard in the song I Belong to You, adding effective layers of contrast to the project.

While the band holds nothing back with regards to musicality, they also deliver with certain prowess, thought provoking songwriting that is both gripping and inspiring. The musical compositions include strong percussion and evocative guitars, combined with the flawless lead and background vocals. The captivating essence of every track makes the album a must-have for music fans that enjoy a broad scope of progressive sound while taking in powerful lyrical content. The Monks of Mellonwah are clearly visionaries on a mission and the world has taken notice.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the Monks of Mellonwah are an award-winning alternative, indie rock band. Having joined forces in 2009, the band has garnered recognition abroad winning Best International Rock Band at the LA Music Awards and AIM Music Awards in 2012. Recently signed to A&R Worldwide, the band consists of lead vocalist Vikram Kaushik, guitarist Joseph de La Hoyde, drummer Joshua Baissari, and bassist John de la Hoyde. Often compared to bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, they have toured the world performing at numerous venues including Whiskey A Go Go, The Mercury Lounge in New York City, and The Avalon Theatre in Los Angeles.

Turn the People, the band’s first full-length album was released in 3 waves starting in 2013, with the full album being release in its entirety in March 2014. The band teamed up with Grammy award-winning producer and engineer Keith Olson (Fleetwood Mac, Ozzy Osborned, and Grateful Dead) to produce five of the album’s tracks. With plans on the horizon of upcoming tours in the US and Europe, the Monks of Mellonwah have launched a new alternative experience for fans who are eagerly awaiting to join the band for their amazing journey. According to the band, their “music is an adventure, not a destination” so get ready for one unforgettable ride.

Visit them online and listen to their single Tear Your Hate Apart below:

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Mika Lucio, a native of Staten Island, NY got her start in music as a college radio DJ at Bradford College in Massachusetts. She received her degree in Communications from Old Dominion University. As a trained dancer and recording artist, Lucio has appeared on national television on shows such as BET’s 106 & Park. Managed by Ruishella Sellers of Myjestik Entertainment, Mika recorded her first album at 19 years old with Hampton Roads indie group M.E.C. An avid music lover of all genres, she is always looking for fresh new music to add to her digital collection.