Mile High

I leaned back against my first-class seat and sighed. It had been a long weekend, spent in meeting after meeting. Now I was going home on the red-eye, alone. I closed my eyes, unaware that a pair of green eyes belonging to the only other passenger in first-class had been watching me since I sat down.

“Tough day?” a familiar deep voice asked softly. I opened my eyes to meet the gaze that had made my panties wet since I was 13. “Jordan! Uh, yeah. Tough weekend, actually,” I stammered, trying to compose myself.

He smiled, letting his gaze travel up my legs to my eyes. “What were you doing in L.A.?”

“Closing a deal for my company.”

“Wow. That’s a step up from playing Barbies with my sister. But then again, I guess alot of things have changed since we were kids,” he said, eyeing my body again.

I smiled. “Is that a bad thing?”

He stared at my legs, clearing his throat. “Not at all.” I started to swing my foot, a thing I’ve noticed I do when I’m nervous.

“So, hurrying home to anybody?”

“My cat,” I said, shaking my hair loose from its clip. He watched my straight black tresses fall to my shoulders. “Lucky cat,” he said huskily.

I ran my fingers through my hair. “Not exactly. My pussy hasn’t gotten lucky in a while.” His eyes fell to the shadows between my legs then back up to my face. I watched him with amusement.

He shifted in his seat, trying to conceal his erection. “It’s…a little hot in here, don’t you think?” he asked, taking off his jacket and loosening his tie.

I smiled, smugly. Now I’ve got you right where I’ve always wanted you, I thought to myself. “Mmm. Now that I think about it, it is sort of warm in here. You won’t mind if I take off my stockings, will you?” I asked, uncrossing my legs and removing my shoes.

“No.” He looked at me. “Would you like me to turn my head?” he teased.

I ran my hands up my calves. “Do whatever you like,” I said, softly, trying to hide my eagerness.

Without warning, he grabbed my hands, his touch sending a bolt of elec¬tricity through my veins to my already moist middle. I looked at him.
“I’d like to do that for you,” he murmured. On his knees in front of me, he looked into my eyes as he raised my left leg and rested my foot on his chest. I could feel his heart beating quickly underneath my arch. He ran his hands up my leg, sending sparks through my body. When he reached my upper legs, he noticed I had on thigh-highs and smiled. He rolled them down to my ankles.

Rubbing my skin, he parted my legs and leaned forward. Unable to hold back any longer, I kissed him passionately. He returned the kiss with reckless abandon, his tongue exploring every crevice of my mouth. His lips moved to my cheek and neck, as his hands unbuttoned my blouse.

“Jordan… Someone might see,” I whispered, as he unbuttoned the last one.

“Won’t they be lucky,” he said breathlessly, pushing my blouse off my shoulders.

Not as lucky as I am, I thought, pulling off his tie and unbuttoning his shirt.

His hands found the hook on the front of my bra and unbuckled it. As his tongue and lips teased my breasts, I felt myself losing control. I had wanted this man since I was a teen, and now he was here, living up to my every expectation.

He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to his knees as his lips tasted me. He pulled away, looking into my eyes. Raising my legs, he placed them on either arm of the seat. I watched him carefully, my body reeling in anticipation as he ran his hand up my inner thigh and ripped off my panties.

I gasped. “Oooh, naughty boy!” He smiled, licking his lips as his fingers entered me.

I closed my eyes, relaxing back against my seat. “Mmm…” I moaned, biting my lip.

“You like that, huh?” he asked, his thumb fondling my clit.

“Yum,” I managed, licking my lips.

He rubbed the insides of my thighs, unaware (as we found out later) of the two pairs of eyes watching us from behind the curtain. He licked his lips and buried his face in my pussy. As his tongue circled my clit, my fingers tangled in his dark hair. My moaning became louder as I neared my climax. He sensed that I was on the brink, and pulled his lips from my juices.

“Not so fast. Wait for me,” he whispered, before taking one of my taut nipples into his mouth. He worked his briefs to his knees and began to tease my pussy with the head of his cock, rubbing it up and down, only slightly penetrating my drenched lips.

When I tried to wrap my legs around him to hold him closer, his hands held them in place. We watched breathlessly as his cock sank deep within me, joining us. My pussy stretched around him, wrapping his thick cock in a tight, blissful embrace.

His moaning mixed with my own, as he thrust deeper and deeper inside me. Soon, we were coming together in a fast, primitive rhythm.

My hands kneaded his firm ass, pulling him close. He held me tightly as I met each one of his increasingly frantic strokes. Sweat dripped from us both – as it did from the two who were replicating our love-making behind the curtain. Suddenly, we hit an air-pocket. He half-laughed, half-moaned as my muscles gripped him tightly. An orgasm erupted within me, sending me into a sea of pleasure as the night turned colors before my eyes. He covered my mouth with his hand to muffle my screams. The clenching of my pussy around him proved to be too much for Jordan. He groaned against my mouth as he exploded deep within me, coating my insides with a hot, wet stream of semen.

As we held each other, we heard the moans of the two flight attendants watching us, and smiled.

He moved a stray strand of hair out of my face gently, perspiration dotting his upper lip. “It’s a shame we never got together before.”

I sighed, all of my limbs embracing him now. “It sure is, but we have plenty of time to make up for that.”

He rubbed his nose against mine. “Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah,” I said, kissing his chin.

“When do we start?” he asked, smiling.

I licked my lips. “When’s your next flight?”

~Regina, Birmingham

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  1. Is it possible to become a member of the Mile High Club in a solo manner? Also, does oral count, or does pole to hole contact have to occur?