Midwife and Mum Organic Belly Balm

Don’t let the name Midwife and Mum fool you – this organic belly balm is ideal for women of all ages who want to soothe itchy skin, soften scars and fade stretch marks. Whether you’re in your golden years or a young adult, you may have stretch marks from losing weight or having a baby. While those may fade with time on their own, the organic formula will hasten their healing and even prevent new ones from forming. I was thrilled to get a sample to write about and plan to order more for my sister who is expecting her first child.

Here’s what Midwife and Mum Organic Belly Balm has going for it.  It was created by a midwife and mom of 6 children who understands the effects of hormonal changes on stretching skin. It softens C Section scars and, with gentle massaging, helps reduce adhesions under developing scar tissue. It’s perfect for any skin tone and is cruelty-free and all-vegan. Synthetic preservatives and petroleum are never used.

When you order, you’ll be helping support healthy pregnancies across the globe because  10% of net profits are donated to non-profit organizations supporting healthy pregnancy and parenting worldwide.

Ready to order?

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