Miami Beach Fling

Miami Beach fling

Hi! I’ve been reading Scandalouswomen since high school but was never very spontaneous. I had a few sex partners before marrying my college boyfriend, setting off a nice but boring life of marriage in the suburbs. After 8 years, we decided to call it quits. The divorce was a friendly one and we were both anxious to move on with our lives. I’m 29 years old and still look great. So as soon as the papers were signed, I planned a ‘me-time’ trip vacation in hopes of making up for some lost time.

I sat enjoying the view. With my newly found single status, my solo trip to Miami Beach couldn’t have been a wiser move. I was free to do anything I wanted, especially relax. The modest hotel I chose had a fun tiki bar alongside a glistening blue pool where vacationing couples relaxed in the sun. For myself, I sat relaxing with a very tasty pina colada and people-watched as the long afternoon of laziness slowly began to give way to the itch of excitement that dusk brings. The bartender was nice enough-definitely gorgeous in his own casual way, but very busy and he largely left me alone as he hustled drinks and food to other patrons. Just as J was twirling the last of my frozen concoction with my straw, ready to signal for the check, he appeared right in front of me. “Hi,” he grinned. “I’ve been neglecting the most stunning woman in the hotel all afternoon and that’s not right. Can I get anything for you? Do anything for you? Slave in any way for you?” A laugh escaped me, I grinned back at his bright green eyes and told him I was just about finished and ready for my check. He genuinely looked hurt and asked where I was off to. “I think I’ll go dig my toes in the sand as the sun goes down.” I slid a bill across the counter and winked.

“Hey, I’m off in ten minutes. Need some company?”

I raised my eyebrows and grinned as I slid off my stood, threw my sheer sarong around my half-existent bikini and sauntered in the direction of the beach.
The sand was cooling off from a long warm day and felt delicious between my toes. J was at the edge of the approaching waves when I felt his body directly behind me, then a smooth whisper at my neck. “You know, nothing cures a broken heart like a dip in the ocean.”

I spun my head towards him, “What makes you say…”

“Hey, you know bartenders are all part-time psychologists. So what do you say?”

“Thanks, but no th—.”

He suddenly whisked me off my feet like I was a silly child and started trudging towards the surf.

“No!” I cried. But the exhilaration of literally being swept off my feet by this bronzed, green-eyed Adonis was too much to resist. The next thing I knew we were chest deep in the crystal blue salty sea. I came up a dazzling few inches from his wet and hard body. He looked down at me and immediately wrapped his warm arms around my scantily dressed body. “My name is Craig, nice to meet you,” he murmured and lowered his lips to mine.

The water swayed our bodies in all directions, but we clung together madly in a kiss that turned from friendly and teasing to searing and wanting.
“I’ve been watching you all day and wanting you every second,” he finally gasped. “Please let me have you.”

I answered by trailing my tongue along the rim of his lips and guiding his hand to my full breast. He groaned inwardly and swept me up again. We left the water and raced for a nearby empty massage cabana at the edge of the hotel property. He closed the curtains to the tent-like room and eased me up on the massage table. His lips were all over my salty body in seconds. A few expert tugs of my bikini strings released my full aching breasts. I arched into him as his mouth came down hard and fast on my left nipple, sucking and licking until I was begging for more. His right hand ran up and down my body to my right nipple where he flicked and pinched my pink crest until I cried out in pleasure. I desperately pulled at his swimsuit until it gave way, revealing a perfect and glistening cock, full at attention. I wrapped my wet hands around it and stroked him appreciatively.

“Oh God,” he moaned, “don’t stop.”

I pushed him back until he kneeled above me, still feverishly caressing my tits as I stroked and cupped his enormous cock and heavy balls. He rolled his head back in pleasure and leaned down to slide his member expertly between the deep crevice of my tits. Slowly, in and out, up and down he grinded his hips against me, occasionally stopping just long enough for me to pull his throbbing shaft into my mouth and suck the salt off with all my might.

His fingers expertly slid up and down my soaking clit. “I have to taste you,” he finally said and lowered his body as his mouth worked its way expertly down my chest and stomach. He wasted no time and plunged his face into my throbbing pussy. His slightly stubbled chin made my legs quiver out of control. Like a dog desperate for water, he lapped at my pink folds fast, hard, and furiously. “Oh my God,” he gasped. “You taste so good. I want more of you.” And more he had.

Pressing even closer, he dug his face between my swollen lips, found my clit and began sucking slowly and deeply. All the while he plunged his fingers deep into my hot wetness. I felt the uncontrolled blast of heat and pleasure come all the way from my toes and he sucked and licked harder until I screamed out with pleasure. He grinned that fantastic grin up at me as I quivered from the explosion I just had.

He then slid up my body and slowly, fully pressing his massive dick into my vagina. Long and deep, he drove into me with care and expert movement. Soon we were both on the edge of losing it again and he pumped his hips harder and faster as his mouth again found my hardened nipples and sucked and fucked me until we both collapsed in an ecstatic frenzy of passionate bliss.

He pulled me to his glistening hard body and gently kissed my checks and parted lips.

“Had a great vacation? I hope you come again soon,” he whispered.

“I will,” I said laughing as the sun went down and his cock stiffened again.

~Teresa B.
Sandy Springs, GA