MeMoi Rocks Some Sexy Apparel

It isn’t very often we get clothes to review at Scandalous! which is odd, since many of us on staff are out most nights where we can show them off. That’s why I was very excited to see a pair of MeMoi’s Glam Rock leggings come across my desk. See, I’ve been in the gym and watching the sweets recently to be sure I have a rocking bod for the seasonal parties on my slate. From the moment I pulled them out of the packaging and touched the soft,shiny silky material, I knew they’d show off the ass I’ve been working for so hard over the last few months! And I wasn’t disappointed.

I guess a better way of saying ‘I put them on’ was ‘I poured myself into them.’ They looked tight and hugged my curves but were very comfortable. Coupled with a seasonal red blouse and I looked quite sexy if I do say so myself. But I don’t want to give the allusion these leggings are only party wear. They’re the perfect bottoms for concerts, clubs or even just hanging out with friends. I was quite happy with them and you will be, too.

Surfing over to, I see a lot of other items for my wishlist – leggings, legwarmers, shapewear and even socks! Take a look for yourself! MeMoi is definitely Scandalous! approved!