Masterlinx Produces Hot Variety

lynxOne of the benefits of spending so much time in South Florida is being exposed to a variety of rhythmic music. sSyles are often blended with others to create a unique vibe which are then melted into yet other styles. At some point you have to throw away the labels and just enjoy the sounds. Masterlinx is a master at achieving this so imagine my surprise when I discovered he’s from the UK! Working with a variety of other artists, he describes the sound he produces as a fusion of dance, pop, hip hop and reggae. But there is also more, like freestyle, rock and a throwback to those sexy beats I used to hear called electric funk.

One song I was instantly hooked on was Here I Come, an uptempo piece of ear candy with a driving rock beat. The song is simultaneously fun and sexy. It hearkens back to a time in the early 90s when hip hop artists where experimenting with samples from rock songs – think Wild Thing from Tone Loc, I Got The Knack from Everlast and an obscure track called Pump It from female rapper Icy Blu.

When I saw the title of one song, Funky Town, my first thought was it was a remake of the early 80s dance track from Lipps, Inc. It isn’t, but it’s just as infectious. The song features Taramati & Marshan blak and has an electronic Latin groove to it. It’s one of those songs that will have you sweating on the dance floor.

If Funky Town isn’t enough for you to get your aerobic workout in, then No Limits is. It features Llnx and Mo Digga and is a very fast techno-hip hop piece. I’ll be asking the DJ at the club tonight to play this and if she doesn’t have it, I may slip her the MP3.

Finally, Music On My Mind, featuring Judian, is a girl-power anthem with lyrics admonishing the listener to fuck all of society’s ills and let the power of music solve your problems. It’s a very positive message powered by an aggressive attitude. Check it out!

Visit Masterlinx online and, if you’re as impressed with his work as I am, consider buying a track or two.

Take a listen to Here I Come below.