Married To The Game

Games. We all play them. Even when we deny being players, that denial is but part of a game. Games pertaining to the carnal arts – of love and lust – are the grandest ones of all. Those quick moments of eye contact before turning away or those long lingering stares might separate the masters from the amateurs but make no mistake: Even the most innocent flirtations are moves on a chess board. Capturing your opponent’s pieces brings you ever closer to the seduction of victory.

So why am I getting so damn hot and bothered over a chess analogy? B-Heat’s slow tempo bump and grind song Married To The Game has this girl in the mood to celebrate every victory and loss she’s ever experienced in the sexy games. Whether he was under my spell or I was captivated by his strength, I have indeed been married to the game. I’ve sought it, I’ve denied it, but I’ve always played it.

Featuring stellar vocal performances by Yvette Brown and Lindsey Papion, B-Heat (aka Brandon Broadnax) gives us a track that is a worthy reminder of everyone’s status as a player. His smooth and silky R&B singing style is a throwback to R. Kelly.  If your idea of fun is that sexy dance you do in the days and hours before making contact with a special someone, this song is for you. Check it our below and sample other tracks from B-Heat at iTunes.

Brandon “B-HEAT” Broadnax is a producer, songwriter, musician, entrepreneur from the Washington DC metropolitan area that began playing the piano at the age of 3, writing songs at the age of 10, and producing music at the age of 12. When B-HEAT was 15 he began touring with major artist: Immature (Marques “Batman” Houston, Jerome “Romeo” Jones, &Kelton “LDB” Kessee), and appeared in the music video of their hit single “Feel The Funk”. He’s written and produced music for many artists including Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez, The Roots, Maurette Brown Clarke, Tony Terry, Ginuwine, Tank, 7 Sons of Soul and Raheem DeVaughn.