Marcus Norris Wants His Music To Endure

When I was in high school I used to judge music by one criteria and one criteria only: In the coming decades would a particular song be remembered. Imagine my surprise when I learned that smooth R&B singer Marcus Norris shares the same sentiment. His long term goal is to be mentioned when future music writers revisit 21st Century African American Composers. A lofty goal, to be sure, but still a smart one. While most of his contemporaries strive for success here and now, Norris sees the importance of making music with lasting appeal.

His Hip Hop/R&B album Sunrise was released on February 14, 2013 and quickly reached the #1 position on Bandcamp’s Hip Hop and Rap CDs chart. There’s no irony the collection bowed on Valentine’s day because it contains some pretty succulent bump and grind slow jams and quiet storm tracks ideal for lovers and lusters everywhere.

Stand out track Slow Dancing (featuring Ashley Mondale) has a ‘blue lights in the basement’ Keith Sweat appeal to it. The song is accentuated by a lead quitar-driven breakdown, an element uncommon in a most music of this genre. Pure foreplay, this sexy track will lead you exactly where you think it will. Just go shopping for some new lingerie first. 😉

Heart Go Down is a mid-tempo Hip Hop jam featuring all the male bravado we’ve come to expect from rap artists. The song is a dedication of sorts to an ex-girlfriend who perhaps bailed on the relationship before the artist hit the big time. In it, Norris wonders if ‘her heart goes down’ whenever she hears his name. Though the track’s message to this wayward former lover is ‘you had your chance with me,” it has a delicious cuckolding undertone: ‘first verse goes to a certain one especially, honestly I thought when I made it you’d be here next to me, instead you sneakin’ past your man and sendin’ late night texts to me… you was at the fair holding hands with your man, next night touchin’ me…’

Check Marcus out online where can download his entire album free. And, as alway, scandalouswomen is hooking you up with a free track below.