Lust Times Two

The only thing I could hear in the semi dark·hotel suite was our heavy breathing. I  felt Andrew’s  thick organ throb and I started to grind my hips into his. His beautiful cock was sliding in and out of my wetness and I was so drenched that I could hear its wet entry and exit with each thrust of his body into mine.  The sensation was unbelievable and when I concentrated, I could detect each contour and ridge of his dick as it penetrated me, making my insides sing with stimulation . I moved faster, bringing on my own orgasm . He choked back a laugh and came deep inside me. A few last contractions rippled through my tunnel and  my lover shivered, then giggled . I laughed, too, and be propped himself u on his long, lean arms.

“This is the kind of sex you remember for a lifetime!” he said. ·

I laughed again and reluctantly loos­ened my grip on his hips. He rolled off me onto his back, still holding me close. We both lay on top of the covers; staring up at the big ceiling mirror, and when our eyes met in the dim reflection, we both started laughing all over again. I turned  over  onto  my stomach so I -was right up against my lover., ‘ind tickled him from his nipples down to his belly button with my fingertips, lightly sliding my fingers over his warm shaft.

“Hey, luv,” he said softly, his English accent music to my all-too-American ears. He cried to push my hand away, but I was persistent. “Give me 20 minutes … please,” he begged, and I leaned up to kiss him.

“OK, but that’s all,” I said, then slid off the bed.

In the bathroom, I turned on the water, filling the big marble tub, and eased myself into the water. Every inich of my skin felt alive. I looked down at myself as I caressed my breasts. My nipples were hard, just perking out of the water as I lay back. I  closed my eyes and listened to the water rush out of the gold-trimmed faucet. When I opened my eyes, my lover was standing over me.

“What’s up?” I asked, throw­ing a handful of water up into his face.

He knelt down and leaned close to give me a wet, lingering kiss. “The phone’s ringing.”

“Cool,” I said slyly, standing up and stepping out of the tub. I reached for a towel? but then I dropped it onto the floor. As I bent to pick it up, I felt Andrew’s warm fingers slide lightly across my peach and into the moist dent of my cunt.

“I thought you said you needed 20 minutes!” I teased, not moving away. I touched his organ and felt it twitch and start to stir.

“I lied.”

I laughed and he pulled me to him. His light pink shaft was beautifully snuggled against my hip, and I slid my hand onto the back of his slim neck to pull him close. We shared a deep kiss, but he playfully slapped my ass and said, “Go answer the phone before I take you right here!” I kissed him once more and ran back into the bedroom.

I picked up the receiver and flopped down 0nto the bed.

“Hey babe,” I cooed into the mouthpiece, yanking back all the covers an.d crawling between the sheets.

“Hello, Nicole,” l heard my husband’s voice as soothing and sexual as ever.  “Are you enjoying stay in London?”

“Oh, very much!” I said, maybe a little too enthusiastically. “I’ve taken care of most of the business things I came here o do, and now I’m just … sightseeing.” With my last words, I looked up and saw Andrew peek around the corner from the bathroom and grin at me. I stuck my tongue out at him and kicked the sheets off, exposing myself, and sent a hand south to spread my lips for him. His eyes were riveted to the steamy pink flesh of my pussy. He licked his lips and I felt myself grow wetter.

“It’s been a long week without you,” my husband confessed, and I admitted the same.

“But I’ll be back in Ashburn in less than two days,” I said. “Then we can catch up on lost time!”

“Like lying you down on the dining table and covering you with whipped cream?” he asked innocently, and I closed my eyes at the sweet memory of our honeymoon.

“Yeah,” I sighed. Balancing the phone in the crook of my neck, I slid my other hand slowly down and manipulated my hardening nipple. I spread my legs apart as far as I could, ran a practiced finger up and down the slick division of my body and softly begged, “Tell me what you would do if you were here with me now.”

“Well,” his voice lowered to a taunting, seductive tone. “First, I’d undress you and run a hot bath. While you soaked, I would feed you frozen raspberries. I would dry you off when you got out, and lay you down on the bed. I want to kiss you, Nicole, and taste the sweetness of your lips …”

Just then, Andrew came into the room and silently pressed the button for the speaker phone. Then he rook the receiver from me so my hands were free. The sound of my husband’s gentle voice dominated the room, and I sighed as Andrew lay next to me and kissed me deeply.

“I want to kiss my way down your neck,” he told me, “to see the smooth flesh still untouched-just before I give you a love-mark, to show the world that we made out like teenagers, just before we made love like animals …” My husband’s soft laughter echoed around us, and I felt Andrew rake the liberty of sinking his teeth into my neck, just above my left shoulder, his lips and tongue creating an obvious sign of my naughty vacation activites.

“Then I would kiss my way down to your belly button, stopping only to inhale the musky-sweetness of your breasts. I know your nipples are hard right now, their color turning a darker shade of pink and screaming to be sucked, to be bitten…”

Andrew obliged, making my body sing as his mouth saturated each of my stiff nipples until I felt my thighs dampen. Even though the lights were low in- the big hotel room, they were strong enough for me to see Andrew carry out each of my husband’s erotic suggestions. “Finally, my love, I would reach the point where I can run the wet tip of my tongue through your dark, wet muff. I want to gently pull your sweet lips apart far enough to see your tight, pink hole, to taste your honey. Mmm, it’s so good.

I heard myself moan as I reached down to feel Andrew’s dark hair between my fingers. He held the petals of my flower wide open as he gently sucked my nectar.

“It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve felt you wrap your wetness around my shaft, as I ease into you…”

When the head of Andrew’s generous cock slid into me, it went so deep he seemed to touch my soul. I cried to sup­press a squeal of delight but failed, and I couldn’t stop myself from giggling from the intense pleasure of this new kind of  “phone sex.” I held rightly to Andrew’s strong arms and pushed him over so I was now on top.

“I love to see your full breasts bounce and jiggle as you ride my cock … ” my husband hoarsely whispered. Could he see us? It seemed so. Andrew’s head was almost buried in all the fluffy pillows, but I could see his light blue eyes were fixed on my tits. My flesh bounced heavily each time I raised and lowered my hips on his stiff dick. He gave me an evil grin and wrapped his arms around my waist so he could pull me down to him. “… smothered in your flesh.” My husband’s voice reflected his pensive scare of mind. “I miss the taste of your nipples on my tongue …”

Each rime I molded myself co my lover’s body, his coarse pubic hair tickled my sensitive clic, and I listened to my breaching as it got quicker and raspier. Andrew’s large hands on my hips led me through our bout, and pretty soon I col­apsed on him and begged, “Now… ” He got me onto my back again and moved right above me. He pounded into me roughly, and the sweat collecting between our bodies cooled me off as my lover heated me up.
“You’re about to cum now, I can hear you,” my husband stated, his voice calm and sensual.

I felt the big shaft working me from the inside out, the fat head making tiny popping noises each time it emerged from the tight sheath of my body; his balls slamming against my dripping cunt. Andrew reached for my clit, rubbing it with his thumb. He caressed it so softly amid the heated intensity of our fucking – I marveled at how he could concentrate so hard at pleasing both sides of my sexuality. His cock was assaulting my insides, making rhe honeyed walls of my tunnel tremble, while his slippery finger drew tiny circles over the very center of my soul. I felt my orgasm looming over me like a hurricane before it hit. I pleaded, “Now… with me… right now!”

All the words in the world couldn’t describe the orgasm I had in that dark hotel room, 6,000 miles from home. I was no longer aware of anything, nor did I want to be. I had just had sex with the two men in my life, but there was only one present. I shivered as the pleasure seemed to linger in certain spots within me.

Andrew had collapsed on top of me, not breathing a word. I could still feel his shaft deep inside me, and I squeezed my love muscles around him. He laughed a little and kissed me once more.
“Damn, I wish I were there,” my husband softly said, with a tinge of regret in his laughter.

“I do, too, darling.” I sighed, wondering If I’d ever tell him of my secret affairs, and hoping one day I’d have him and one of my boy toys together.

~Nicole D.