Love Supine is College Ear Candy

Phoenix, Arizona-based Love Supine is ear candy for college-radio aficionados. With retro-vocal stylings reminiscent of 80s and 90s alt rock trailblazers (hello David Byrne!) and skilled yet unpolished guitar virtuosity, this band is a rude wake-up call to today’s so-called progressive bands, a reminder of what alternative rock is supposed to sound like.

Love Supine’s collection (Soundtrack to Life, Love, and Drugs) features lots of great tunes – “Lucky Stars”, “Remember” and “H Train” stand out, all which remind me of my college years. In an age where this type of music has gotten almost as formulaic as what it originally provided an “alternative” to, Love Supine will have you reaching for your old early 90s College Music Journal CDs.

For all you alt rock chicks, scandalouswomen has your free hookup! Listen or download below.

Download here.