Love and Lust – A Sex Journal

Before the phrase ‘dear diary’ becomes one more casualty in the world of internet blogging, famed erotic author Susie Bright provides us with means to revisit those (not so) innocent days of yesteryear where a girl could keep her private thoughts under lock and key. Love and Lust – A Sex Journal doesn’t come with a keyboard or unlimited texting. Your can’t ‘friend’ or ‘follow’ other people with it. What you do is write in it – share your erotic hopes, fantasies and dreams. And Bright makes this easy by providing sexy quotes and prompts that gently nudge you into revealing your closely guarded secrets. If you’ve never written about your sex life before, prepare for a unique and thrilling experience that may bring out memories and feelings long suppressed. The opening page provides all the inspiration you need to get started – “This is your sex story – no one else has lived anything like it”.

There’s something very nostalgic about this book. Like a diary, it can be locked and then only opened by she who holds the key. It’s also very similar to a ‘slam book,’ albeit a personal one, in which the writer answers a series of questions that allow her to confess all of her juicy secrets. Some are easy to answer (who was your first love? Your first experience?) Others provide ample opportunity to romp through the darkest nights and brightest days of your mind, like: “You run into ‘The One Who Got Away’. You’ve got the next four hours, and no one else knows where you are or what you’re up to. What happens”? Still, the answers to others might be a little bit uncomfortable to explore, like, “what do you know about your family’s sexual secrets?”

Aesthetically pleasing, Love and Lust – A Sex Journal is hardbound with an attractive red and black cover. The lock isn’t obtrusive like they were on your childhood diaries. The beautifully designed pages make you want to write the secrets they request. So don’t be shy. Spill the beans. Confession is good for the soul. Who knows, by unlocking this journal you may awaken something in yourself… something beautiful and sexy.

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