The sun was blazing and the heat caused sweat to bead between my breasts, but I was still determined to get a good ride. I led my bay gelding, Ben, from the barn, slipped a booted foot into the stirrup, and swung my leg over, settling into the worn, comfortable saddle. I sighed in relief as I felt at home with the muscular power of the horse between my legs. I nudged him with my thighs and he started out.

As we rounded the barn, I noticed an open horse trailer parked in the stone lot with a beautiful, black horse tied to the side. I didn’t recognize the horse and I didn’t recognize the man, either, as he stepped from behind the trailer, a bale of hay in hand. My thighs instinctively closed tighter around Ben. He tossed his head, irritated. I reined him closer to the man and looked down appreciatively-black hair, hazel eyes, dark golden skin, and a nice-fitting pair of Wranglers.

“Hi,” I said.

He blinked up at me, then shaded his eyes with his hand, blocking the hot sun for a better view.

“Hello.” His voice was low, gravelly and it made me shudder.

“New around here?” I asked. Ben was impatient and I nudged him to circle around.

“Yes,” he said. “I’m Josh.” He tilted his head and scrutinized me. I felt my nipples tighten and my pussy twinge. The corner of his lips curled up. I introduced myself as I raped his body with my eyes. I wasn’t shy. I felt a sudden thirst, and it wasn’t from the heat. “Well, Josh, I’m going for a ride.” I leisurely licked the sweat off my upper lip with the tip of my tongue. “Wanna come?” He threw the hay bale into the trailer, then slowly tugged his leather gloves off. His eyes narrowed as he finally said, “You betcha. Go ahead. I’ll catch up.”

My heart pounded as I gave Ben a kick and took off towards a nearby alfalfa field. I found a sweet little spot where instead of hay, soft clover grass grew.

I jumped off Ben’s back and ground tied him. I hastily pulled my halter-top over my head, brushing the fabric and my fingertips against my breasts to make sure my nipples were tight. I lay down to wait. I could hardly control my excitement. Within a few minutes, I heard the steady rhythm of pounding hooves approaching and Josh was suddenly there towering above me. All I could see was his dark silhouette as the sun was glaring. I laughed. “I was just doing a little sunbathing until you got here.”

He dropped to his knees and I realized he was completely naked. His dick was so hard the head was swollen and purple. “Get naked,” he said. Apparently, he was a man of few words, but I liked that. I kicked off my boots and tucked my thumbs in my waistband. I studied him as I slowly rolled my breeches down my moist thighs. His hair was black and curly. Everywhere. As I reached for my thong, he said, “Leave ’em.” I did.

His eyes followed a bead of sweat as it rolled between my breasts, down my stomach, into the apex of my thighs. Then he grabbed my ankles and twisted me onto my stomach. He tucked his arm under my hips and pulled me into doggie position. He leaned into my backside and rubbed himself slowly back and forth against my ass and against the silky fabric of my panties. I arched my back and groaned. I wanted it. Hard. But I wasn’t going to beg.

His finger traced the edges of my thong. Tickling, taunting, teasing. Oh, Damn! I might not want to beg, but I could demand! I thought. “Fuck me!”

“You want me to ride you?” The head of his dick pressed the outskirts of my swollen, wet pussy lips.

“Yes,” I groaned.

He reached around and twisted both of my nipples, making me gasp with pleasure. “How hard?”

“Hard,” I panted.

“When do you want it?” He squeezed my breasts, pulling, tugging. Oh, it felt so good!


He traced the tattoo in the small of my back with his scorching tongue. Over and over. “When?”

“Now!” I screamed, ready to explode.

He grabbed my hips and pulled them higher. With a tug, he snapped the strings of my thong and tossed it aside. I was totally exposed-to him and the hot, summer sun. Josh thrust inside suddenly, impaling me deep. I moaned and slammed my ass into his hips. I wanted him deeper. I was so wet, so juicy. I didn’t think I could ever be satisfied!

His fingers dug into my hips, his teeth brushed my shoulder as he growled into my ear, “I’ll ride you hard.” His frenzied rhythm rocked me. We met thrust for thrust. His dick sank so deep that I thought I would resonate, then he slowed. He’d pull back, hesitate, then thrust deep. Pull back, hesitate, hesitate, then thrust again. He repeated that slow torture until I was out of my head. I grit my teeth and clenched my fists as I felt the orgasm explode inside me. Wave after wave. He had to hold me up as I felt all my stregth drain out of me with each pleasurable wave. With one last thrust, Josh cried out something indiscernible and then we both collapsed, our bodies slick with sweat.

We rested there for a while intertwined, letting the heat of the day wash over our bare bodies. When we finally moved, we mounted our horses and went for a more subdued kind of ride.

~Megan Reynolds
Las Cruces, NM