Limo Lovin'

Getting by with a little help from your friends…

The damp spring air hit the four of us immediately as we stepped outside the hotel. It was 1:30 am and we’d been partying hard all evening at the annual charity ball. Joe and I climbed into our rented limo and Steve and Alice climbed in after us, sitting across from us in the roomy, plush back seat.

“Judy, I think I’m going to have to crash for a few minutes,” Joe mumbled to me as he sank down in his seat. Joe looked across at Steve, shrugged his shoulders and closed his eyes.

“Goodnight, buddy” Steve said fondly. I couldn’t get mad at Joe for being a party pooper. After all, he did work late every night the past week and he had foolishly done those two shots of tequila with Steve shortly before we left the ballroom. I was feeling kind of sleepy myself.

Steve and Alice, on the other hand, were giggly and physical – newlyweds married less than a year. Joe and I thought Steve would never get married. Being single was just too much fun for him. Then along came perky, witty and beautiful Alice, and Steve fell head over heals. Their wedding soon followed.

It wasn’t long before the toasty inside air, dim lights and remnants of too many martinis made my eyes start to flag. Facing a 40-minute ride to the suburbs, I slid down in my seat a bit and got comfortable as Steve and Alice poured themselves some champagne from the service bar. “Goodnight Judy and Joe” I heard them whisper as I drifted off to sleep.

What seemed like just moments later I was awakened from my sleep by heavy breathing and soft, urgent moaning. I opened my eyes slightly and could see that Alice was straddling Steve. She held her evening gown up around her waist and everything below was nude.

My eyes were wide open as I realized that Alice was fucking Steve slowly and methodically right in front of me. Down and up she went, Steve’s rock-hard penis moving in and out of her pink, swollen pussy lips.

It felt wrong but I couldn’t stop watching. Each time Alice moved up and down I could hear the sucking sound of her engorged pussy taking Steve in and out. “Oh baby, you feel so nice, you fuck me so nice,” Alice moaned as the air filled with the pungent, sweet smell of their juices. Then Steve pulled down the top of Alice’s gown, revealing supple, white breasts with large pink areolas. Steve cupped her breasts with his hands and squeezed softly, causing a groan of delight from Alice. Then Steve’s hands traveled to Alice’s hard, perky ass, and his index finger reached out and stroked the outside of Alice’s pussy lips as his penis moved in and out.

Free from the dress, Alice’s breasts bobbed up and down now with her movements and Steve reached his lips to catch a nipple and suck for a few seconds. Alice reached one hand back and stroked Steve’s balls. At this point I was wide awake and feeling achy and hot between my legs. I felt guilty for watching their lovemaking, but they were oblivious to my presence and I simply couldn’t stop.

Steve and Alice’s moans became faster and more urgent, and I could see beads of sweat breaking on their skin just before they convulsed together in an intense, multiple thrust orgasm. They covered each other’s mouths to muffle their final groans of delight. Then Alice lifted off Steve, rolled over back into her seat and straightened her dress. For a moment I could see Steve’s penis, wet, shiny and still pretty hard as he carefully tucked it into his tuxedo pants. I quickly closed my eyes and feigned sleep.

“Joe, Judy, we’re at your house,” they called softly a few moments later. I sat up and stretched, pretending not to notice the thick odor of sperm and pussy juice in the air or Alice and Steve’s disheveled appearance. Joe woke up and bid our friends goodbye, confirming that they would tip the limo driver and be sure to call soon for another get together.

As I turned to wave goodnight, Alice winked and smiled at me. I still haven’t figured out exactly what that meant. Snuggled in our bed a few minutes later, Joe and I made love. I climbed on top of him and rode him slowly, my pussy aching with the tension from watching Alice and Steve. I stroked my breasts and put Joe’s finger on my pussy lips, where he stroked them softly as I squeezed them up and down his red swollen penis. Suddenly I came with violent, luscious convulsions. Joe came right after and as we lay next to each other, he commented that he couldn’t remember me being that wet and horny in years.

Thanks, friends, for your limo lovin’.

~Judy C, 
Jacksonville, FL

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  1. Damn. This story got me a big hot and bothered, but I have a feeling if I were there, I would’ve either woke my husband or have been guilty of a threesome. How can a hubby be so oblivious? Oh well. Sexy story. Please write more. I like this side of erotica. SO GOOD!

  2. THREESOME! THREESOME! Haven’t you heard of swinging, friends? This is amazing. I would’ve woke my husband and started a whole new party. driver, Can you take the scenic route please?