Lifestyles SKYN Condoms – just slide it on and do me!

There’s an inherent issue with with a woman reviewing a brand of condom. Seriously, what does it matter to me as long as it fits him and is lubricated, right?? So my best gauge of whether a condom is awesome to him or just another rubber is his reaction to me when he’s wearing it. Fortunately last weekend I had the opportunity to test them twice with two guys I’m seeing (’cause that’s how I roll. OK??)

Friday night I was hanging out with ‘Thomas at my apartment. He’s an old fashioned kind of guy who swears by the ever reliable Trojan – probably the same type his dad used back in the day. He thinks designer condoms are are girly and shys away from them. So when things started getting a little hot I pulled out the SKYNs with their sexy black box and he recoiled just a bit – but I reminded him this was all I had. “Wear it or no nookie,” I teased. So he did. And he was impressed. Without even knowing the brand’s sales pitch, he remarked he felt like he wasn’t wearing anything. He was happy and enjoyed himself so I was happy and enjoyed myself. The next morning he had to leave early and I had to drive 40 miles to the a nearby town for a district meeting for my company (and where Stephen would be waiting. Shhh… don’t tell Thomas!) So I dropped a few SKYNS in my purse and hit the road.

That night with Stephen was incredible. He’s always willing to try new things and was thrilled I brought the condoms. He, too, said he didn’t feel like he was even wearing a condom. So that’s my Lifestyles SKYN review.