Leaky Pipes

Moving out of my parent’s house seemed so liberating. I was on my own and ready to enjoy every opportunity that came my way. I had moved into a tiny townhouse on the East side of the city. As I looked around at the sea of moving boxes, I knew I was finally ready to begin my new life. I opened each window in my new place and let the warm summer breeze sweep through the apartment.

Suddenly, I heard a knock at my door. My first guest! As I opened the door, I was greeted by the most ruggedly masculine man I had laid eyes on in years. His tanned body was greatly exposed, thanks to the summer heat. He stuck out his hand and introduced himself as Ben, the maintenance man. As my hand clasped onto his, I could feel an immediate spark of sexual energy. He politely gave me my spare set of keys and said to call if I needed anything. As I shut the door behind him I felt dizzy with lust.
Every morning as I left for work, I would catch a glimpse of Ben working on various homes. Whether he was lifting a stack of 2x4s or stretching as he climbed a ladder, his body always looked like sheer perfection, from his flexed arms to his bulging calves. My only prayer before I went to sleep was for a scorching hot day so Ben’s magnificent muscles would be drenched in sweat.

One afternoon, I left work a little early and began my journey home, hoping to catch a glimpse of Ben working outside. As I pulled through the parking lot I spot¬ted him. My heart began to race and I unbuttoned my blouse to release the heat rising within me. If I only had the nerve to just throw my car into park and fuck him right there. I, of course, drove slow enough to give him a chance to notice my car. He waved and I stopped to say hello. As he leaned in through my window, I could feel his eyes roaming my body, glancing every so often at my open blouse. As I returned the looks, my eyes kept finding their way below his belt. The bulge in his tight pants left little to the imagination. My nipples were hard and the heat made my chest sweat, moistening my lace bra.

“Home a little early today aren’t you?” he asked, licking his full lips.

I laughed and flirtatiously said, “Oh, I was just hoping to see you.” His eyes lit up and he asked if everything was going well at the house and if I needed him to work on anything. If you only knew, I said to myself. He again reminded me not to hesitate to call “for any reason.” As I took my foot off the brake, he reached in and gently touched my cheek and said, “See you soon.”

The whole drive home, I fantasized about Ben’s touch. What I wouldn’t do to have those strong, agile hands all over my body, exploring every peak and valley, and caressing my most intimate areas.

I needed to take a very cold bath. Once home, I undressed while looking at myself in the mirror, pretending my own hands were Ben’s touching and stroking my entire body. I threw my hair into a twist and jumped in the tub. Lying there, I heard dripping water. By the time I got out of the tub and went downstairs a pud¬dle of water had seeped through the ceiling onto my kitchen floor. At first I was upset, but that quickly changed when I remem¬bered Ben. I picked up the phone and made the call.

I answered the door wearing nothing but my robe. He smiled and said, “I brought along all of my tools.” And I returned the remark by saying, “I was counting on that.” As he brushed up against me I could feel the dizziness com¬ing back in full force.

As he examined the ceiling in my kitchen, my eyes fixated on his large chest and pulsating pecks. His hands looked strong and firm. We walked upstairs to the bathroom where he quickly pin-pointed the problem and began to work diligently. He was precise and took his time making sure everything fit properly into place. I could only hope he took this much time and care in bed.

He casually asked me to hand him his toolbox and as I bent down to help, my robe fell open. Our eyes locked and he seductively crawled over to me and put his two huge hands on my hips. My breath became short and deep as he gently kissed my stomach. My hands kneeded his strong shoulders as he moved lower. Using his tongue and lips, he drank all of the sweet juices my body released.

He stood up and lifted me out into the hallway where he laid me down. His deep kisses were making my body ache with lust. His lips found their way to my pounding clit, where he began to suck and pleasure me in ways I had only read about. He used his techniques to draw every desire I had to the surface. Raising to my knees, I licked my way down his torso until I reached his still buttoned shorts. After pulling apart the top of his pants with the strength of a wild animal, I unzipped his cut-offs. He watched me and moaned with pleasure.

My hands massaged his enormous cock and I could feel the tension building. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore and flipped me back onto the floor. As he began to pull my legs further and further apart, I resisted, trying to make the moment last even longer. But his persistent caresses lead me where my whole body needed and wanted to go. I breathlessly said, “I want you inside of me.”

He sensed my desire and began to slow down. Torturing me, he used his cock to taunt and tease, keeping it ever so close to my engorged opening but never entering. He used one strong hand to firmly touch my quivering breasts and pinch my hard nipples, while the fingers of his other hand slowly slid in and out of me until I finally exploded with ecstasy. Still savoring the moment, he positioned himself on top of me.

I grabbed the carpet tighter as every inch of his love muscle penetrated me. He began to rock me back and forth, pulling in and out, at first slowly and then after what seemed like hours, at a tremendous pace. The friction was incredible and my body craved more. For the second time I could feel myself reaching orgasm. He sensed what was happening and whispered, “Baby, are you almost there?” The combination was explosive. As we came together, he slowly pulled out of me and cradled me in his arms. We were both out of breath and beaming.

Thirsty, I walked to the bathroom for a glass of water. When I came back, Ben had made his way into my bedroom. “My, you do believe in giving good customer service,” I teased. He laughed and asked me to kiss him. I had barely recovered from what had transpired mere minutes before, but the sexual energy that he inspired in me soon had me wet and ready for a second round of ecstasy.

He began to run his fingers through my hair and I slid down next to his member and placed my long locks around the shaft, lightly stroking him to erection. Pulling me to him, he started to kiss my back and neck. His lips and tongue made their way to my legs and seemed to con¬centrate on the back of my knees and I quivered with passion. Still on my back, he lay on top of me taking me slowly, plunging deeper, ravishing my very soul. My blood began to boil, and I began to experience a sexual high that both scared and stimulated me. I knew then that I wanted and needed more.

Both of my hands I grabbed his ass firmly, and thrust him deeper inside of me until we both came again. Once our bodies went limp and our heartbeats slowed, batting my lashes, I began to smile. I turned to him and said, “Since you’re obviously concerned with giving the best service possible, can I expect you to conduct a follow-up visit, you know, in case my pipes are still leaking?” Grinning, he replied, “Oh, I think I’ve fixed this problem. But, anymore problems with your plumbing, and you can put on that robe and give me a call.”

~Jamie, Birmingham

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  1. Mmmm, gotta love a man who can give a healthy dose of seconds as good as the first time around! Very hot & steamy! Thanks for sharing your hot & horny tale!