Laid Over

Last winter, I was stranded in Boston overnight when a snowstorm grounded most of the planes. I was on my way back to Birmingham after a grueling three day sales meeting and I missed my boyfriend, Mark. I didn’t want to have to sleep in the airport, but I wouldn’t have had a choice if I hadn’t met Brad.

I didn’t even know his last name, or anything else about him, other that he was tall with brown hair and eyes. He was twenty-nine, unmarried, sexy as hell, and on his way to Florida for a business trip. His company had an office here in Boston and I could stay there with him, if I wanted to.

“You should be comfortable there,” he said, pointing an over-stuffed sofa in the executive suite. Standing at the floor-to-ceiling window looking out over the city, he came up behind me. “Do you want to go to sleep?” he asked.

I bit my bottom lip as I stared out at the Boston skyline. I was feeling a little guilty over the temptation coursing through my brain. I’d cheated on Mark on trips in the past but that was before we’d gotten closer. But he had told me to ‘play the field’ until I was sure about him. So maybe this one last time? I mean, Brad was just so fucking hot!

“I’m not tired at all,” I replied, putting my arms around him and kissing him. “Did you have something special in mind?”

“Just this,” he said, opening the buttons of my silk blouse. “And this,” he smiled as he unclasped my bra and leaned down to suck on my nipples until they became little knots of aching flesh. I held him against me and could feel his manhood busting to be released from his pants. We undressed and I walked over to one of the sofas in only my panties, garter belt, hose, and heels. Brad followed in his too-snug boxer briefs, the front of which were bulging from his erection. We reached the sofa and started making out like a couple of high school seniors on our first date. His hands drifted between my breasts and between my legs. I held his face, thrusting my tongue into his mouth, and then slid one hand down his smooth chest. “You are a very beautiful and sexy woman,” he breathed as he lowered me to my back on the sofa.

I slung one leg over the back of the couch and left one on the floor. I could feel his hard cock beating against me and I put my hands on his ass and held him against my throbbing pussy. His breathing had become harsh and he pressed his cock between my folds, wedging my damp panties between my swollen pussy lips. I wrapped my free leg around him, experiencing preliminary orgasms like tiny burst of pleasure popping erratically.

Brad insisted that I leave on my stockings and garter belt. He mounted me and brought his cock to my pussy and buried it full-length. “Don’t move,” I whispered, wanting to savor the penetration. “Just be still a moment.”

“I can stay like this as long as you want. Maybe, I should let you do all the work,” he teased. I couldn’t stay still long; I had been waiting too long for this. My hips jerked and my pussy convulsed uncontrollably. My hormones raged in turmoil. Our flesh slapped together as his cock pumped in and out of me. Every inch that pummeled me gave me a rousing thrill until I started coming and coming. “Don’t change a thing,” I urged, coming and not wanting to lose the momentum. He kept stroking in and out, in and out. My eyes squeezed shut and colors exploded on the back of my eyelids. I felt as if I were floating. He was so awesome; I didn’t want it to ever end! I lay under him accepting his wonderful rapid-fire thrusts in a daze. I had totally surrendered myself to the massive series of orgasms that rocked my body. Then, after a half-dozen or more strokes, I felt him fill the condom.

Even afterward he felt so good inside me I didn’t want him to pull out just y et. Holding me down as I attempted to rise up with him, with a naughty smirk, he told me to take it easy, he wasn’t going any place any time soon.

“Are you hungry?” Brad asked. “There’s a cafeteria on the next floor that we could raid.”I was hungry, but not for food. I took his semi-hard dick in my mouth and rolled it around until it became plump and juicy. I felt him grow even bigger as I sucked his cock, teasing the tip with my tongue. I wanted more than anything to take him all the way down my throat. I wanted to feel him all the way to my toes.

My tongue curled around the bottom of his shaft, and I scrapedhis length lightly with my teeth. “Just keep sucking,” he moaned. “Don’t stop.” Brad slid his prick in and out of my mouth until he burst with a second climax. He tasted delicious and I couldn’t get enough of him.

After we got our second wind, we fucked again, doggy style in front of the floor to ceiling window. This was one snow storm I never wanted to end.

~Rebecca, Birmingham


  1. I have also fantasized of having sex with a complete stranger. have not gotten the guts to do so though. But this article has really inspired me a lot. Who knows I might be able to pull it off sometime this week. *evil grin