Kiri Etzkorn Shines With Anything At All

I was once told the best recipe for a hit song is a broken heart. Talented songwriters, though, can draw from the pain of past heartbreaks and even emulate it to craft the perfect opus of lost love. I can’t say with any certainty Dashney Music Group recording artist Kiri Etzkorn was pining away for anyone when she wrote Anything At All but her passionate delivery certainly feels genuine. And in a time when pop music is lacking serious love songs, Etzkorn’s is a reminder of a time in our lives when love was something to fight for and eventually let go of when it was time.

Beyond the emotional theme of the song, the piece is simply beautiful and Etzkorn makes good use of her vocal prowess and writing. She delivers a clear and relatable message that shines through professional production and skillful artistry. Her stunning good looks only add to her star-appeal.

With an Operatic Soprano Japanese mother and a pragmatic Canadian father of Irish-German decent, Kiri has been involved in the performing arts
since birth. With a background in competitive ballet/jazz/tap/hip hop and eventually contemporary dance, she spent a number of years in music theater but was always drawn to pop music.

“I grew up listening to all kinds of pop,” Kiri eexplains. “My parents would put on everything from James Taylor, Carole King, Lionel Richie, and Billy Joel to Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Boys to Men.”

The eclectic variety of influences certainly shows in her music.

Visit her online or listen to her latest, Anything At All, below.

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