Kendra Black Channels Classic R&B and Modern Appeal

The struggle for women in music to be recognized for their talent is real and the quest for females in R&B has never been more evident than in the male-dominated, hip-hop intensified landscape shaping music today. While fewer female artists are holding down the charts in R&B, contending with icons such as Beyonce, and pop stars such as Rihanna, there still remains a deep void where sounds that once moved listeners most have yet to be filled. The game is wide open and anyone is liable to snatch the crown. New York-based R&B singer Kendra Black seems to be challenging the notion of a dying music breed with the upcoming release of her newest single Tonight featuring TY Alexandar and Cody Verbage, a sensual mix that fuses the sounds of 90s and 2000s R&B with modern flavor.

A sneak-peek into Kendra Black’s upcoming single seems to channel the sounds of artists such as Mariah Carey circa Butterfly as she delivers honey-glazed vocals drenched with R&B soul, dressed with hip-hop appeal. In the current pop-saturated mainstream, this is the sound that music listeners seem to be craving most and judging by the performance on Tonight, Miss Black is catering to their desires. Kendra’s number commands a sweet and sexy voice with a saucy attitude. The fusion of classic R&B sounds mixed with a modern hip-hop bounce are unmistakable, telling of the young artist’s sense for what’s sizzling-hot today. Of course few R&B tracks are complete without a couple of nasty hip-hop bars, and Tonight delivers; a clean rap interlude polishes off a groovy mix of sexy and fly. Fit for the club, and perfect for the bedroom, Tonight begs to ask “are you ready”?

Kendra Black, an emerging singer, dancer, and actress has performed around the world in countries such as France and Egypt. Having worked with instructors from the Music Conservatory of Cannes in France, she has collaborated with producers such as Lizz Miri Baby, Gabriele Plescia, Steve Sola, and Enrico Tiberi. Dubbed a triple threat, Kendra is a trained dancer and has been involved in several film productions as well as an upcoming reality series. Tonight, the upcoming single from her anticipated album Call Me K is due out in stores on March 4th. The release comes alongside a live performance and release show at Toshi’s Living Room in Manhattan, including guests Ty and Verbage and a special performance by pop artist Lachi. Dig into the sounds of R&B triple-threat Kendra Black by visiting her Official Website at

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Mika Lucio, a native of Staten Island, NY got her start in music as a college radio DJ at Bradford College in Massachusetts. She received her degree in Communications from Old Dominion University. As a trained dancer and recording artist, Lucio has appeared on national television on shows such as BET’s 106 & Park. Managed by Ruishella Sellers of Myjestik Entertainment, Mika recorded her first album at 19 years old with Hampton Roads indie group M.E.C. An avid music lover of all genres, she is always looking for fresh new music to add to her digital collection.