Junior Turner Likes Them Natural and Nice

turnerI was first introduced to Junior Turner back in May when I reviewed his song Better Day. I’m once again blown away by his new release Natural and Nice for the same reasons: The sound is a throwback to the golden age of dance music. At first listen, you’re immediately reminded of EU’s Da Butt (from Spike Lee’s movie School Daze.) The very first note I turned up the the Altec Lansing speakers in my laptop and had the other girls in the office grinding against their cubicle walls. Songs like this are hard not to dance to, and we all had a great pre-weekend party for 4 minutes.

The message in the song goes a bit beyond one’s obsession with a ‘big butt.’ He, Turner sings about his love of a woman who is ‘nice and natural,’ she doesn’t put on airs (or makeup or leather and lace.) Hidden in the primal dance beat and the obvious ‘lust for a woman’ appeals, is a sweet and affectionate tribute to nice girls.

Turner has worked with some very prolific musicians and producers as he’s crafted his sound. It’s no wonder his songs are now getting attention outside his native UK. Check him out online and then download your free track below.

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