Jasmin Dolly – Call Her JD

There are two undeniable trends in music today. One is the prevalence of female artists across all genres. Indeed, singles and albums charts over the last two decades have been dominated by girl power – talented, sexy and business savvy women who’ve taken control of their careers and who trumpet that fact with a special brand of feminine bravado. The second trend is the amount of performers who have embraced the new music business model – self promotion and independent production, effectively cutting out the proverbial cigar-chomping tyrannical ‘managers’ who spar with artists for creative control of their output.

Jasmin Dolly is riding both those waves.

“I’ve come so far, yet I’m still no where close,” she says, speaking of her self-financed, self-managed and self-promoted career.

No where close? Some would beg to differ. This London born artist with Moroccan and Middle Eastern roots has some pretty impressive notches in her lipstick case including an upcoming performance in front of 10,000 people at a UK pop festival. She was also guest of honor in the 2012 UK Arab Achievement Awards and her single, Call Me JD,  has garnered a lot of attention since being featured in a Russian fashion video and in the critically acclaimed Greek film, Luton.

The song is a hot mess of electronica and dubstep. Jasmin performs it with brash stiletto attitude and raw sexual aggression. It’s this aggressive come hither approach that instantly grabs you, but the artist isn’t just another sexy siren. She backs up her image with real talent and a genuine desire to create memorable music that pushes all the right buttons of those gyrating on dance floors.

Unique and scandalous, Call Me JD has the stuff dance classics are made of. Listen once and you’ll listen again and again until, to quote the song, you’re “fucking high.”

Listen/download it below, then head over to her Soundcloud page and listen to her other tracks.