Janna Doesn’t Want To Sleep Tonight

Pop stars are a dime a dozen, right? Most burn out and some achieve greatness. Then there’s an exclusive group who’s music blazes trails. Their voices may stand out from other and their mastery of instruments borders on genius – at least compared to their peer. These are the ones known as ‘classically trained.’ Alicia Keys, Edward Van Halen and Pat Benatar all examples of stars who are masters of their crafts and trained to be so at an early age. Enter Janna Pelle, a classically trained pianist-turned DIY pop performer.

With a style not too unlike Lady Gaga, Janna is taking a similar route to stardom by combining elements of rock, soul, and dance into her theatrical live performances. Her music is grande but only witnessing a live performance can one see the depth of her talent. Unfortunately, we can’t show you a live performance, we can only tell you about the music.

Her latest album Key Change is a concept album where that essentially pays homage to the keyboard instrument. In it, we hear everything from harpsichord to synthesizer. Each song features a different one, like the Wurlitzer, and allows Pelle to show how pop music has progressed with the keyboard.

The latest single, Sleep Tonight, is a mid-tempo pop ditty powered by the harpsichord. I’m actually familiar with the instrument, being the daughter of a woman who played 60s and 70s teen idol 45s where the instrument’s use was in vogue. With an infectious tune and familiar theme (I don’t wanna sleep, I just wanna keep on loving you…), Janna shows her musical prowess and pop sensibilities. Even if the instrument’s rich history means nothing to you, you’ll appreciate the song itself.

Take a listen below and pick up the whole collection here.

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