J'aime brings the 420 to pop

jmeBold. Brazen. Beautiful. These words have been the mantra of www.scandalouswomen.com since it’s inception, describing ourselves, our readers and our lifestyle. Part of that lifestyle is the music we live to, music that transcends styles and genres and can be boiled down to one thing: Attitude. The music we love to write about most contain an attitude that says society’s rules and norms for women are outdated. If the artist and songs give a hearty ‘fuck you’ to what the world expects from us, then we’re all about that!

When tracks from J’aime hit my inbox I was immediately intrigued. Following in the footsteps of party-pop princess Ke$ha, this bi-racial beauty calls her style of music drugfusion, a premium blend of electronic, trip-hop, chillwave, pop, dance, reggae, a dash of hiphop with plenty of in your face sex and drug references. She describes herself as that ‘sexy stoner bitch who makes music girls like to party and toke to.’ You know who she is, or rather the type she is. She’s the wild one your boyfriend can’t stop staring at. She’s the girl you secretly want to be like, if only on the weekends. And she’s not afraid to let her music reflect her lifestyle.

Consider the track Fuck My Ex, a dance floor anthem with lyrics that definitively puts an ex-boyfriend in his place – under her stiletto heels. Oozing girl-power, this tune is an inspiration to women everywhere who’ve dumped their loser boyfriends. ‘Kiss my ass,’ she seems to say. ‘Now I can go party whenever and with whoever I want. But don’t forget I can have you back anytime I want you. You’re my bitch!’

Marijuana in the USA considers a topic few have dared to – the fanatical political opposition to pot in the United States. Sometimes a girl just wants to get high and chill out for a while but, as J’amie extols, it’s banned in the USA! What’s a girl to do?

Other songs follow a similar vein of sex, drugs and more of it. J’aime, an independent artist, is ‘blazing’ a trail for new young female artists that make recent pop princesses like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera seem like the sweet girl next door. You’ll be hooked on J’aime when you hear her music. And if I’m ever in her town, we’re definitely partying together!

Check out some songs: