Intimate Dance

After missing a full week’s worth of dance classes and morning barre, I felt stiff, inflexible, heavy. It was time to get to the studio and work out a week’s worth of neglect. Saturday morning, I rose extra early so that I could get to the studio hours before other dancers arrived for their classes, giving me ample time to limber up and work out the kinks.

At the studio, I quickly changed into a leotard, wrapped my ankles carefully, and tied my shoes tightly. I walked into my favorite private practice room, only to find someone had beaten me to it. The definition of his body and the litheness of his movements clearly showed that he was a dancer of great technique, but it wasn’t his professional technique that caught my attention.

He was shirtless and faint trails of sweat ran down his body. His chest was taut and completely hairless. His black practice tights clung to every inch of him, emphasizing his muscled legs and rounded butt. He took my breath away.

“I didn’t realize anyone was in here,” I stammered

“That’s OK,” he said looking back at me in the mirror, grinning. “I don’t mind sharing. Actually, there’s a lift I’ve been working on. Do you think you could help me?”

I wanted to scream “YES!” but just nodded, smiling widely. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I thought I would explode as he pulled me towards him, the length of his body pressed against mine. “Just follow my lead,” he said. Then he efforlessly lifted me off the floor. Together, we began to twirl gracefully around the floor. Finally there was no use in pretending anymore. Though we didn’t speak we had communicated our desires. There no place else for us to go and only one thing for us to do.

“Does that door lock?” I asked.

“Even if it doesn’t, I still have every intention of making love to you right here, right now,” he said, slamming the door shut. Then he turned the removal of his tights into a seductive strip tease. As the elastic band slid down his pelvis I could feel my eyes widen and mouth fall ajar. His body was solid and his cock sprung out.

I pulled my leotard off, exposing my breasts and we embraced, pressing our mutually-tingling bodies together. As we shared our first kiss, we explored each other’s body with our hands. I eased him to the floor and ran my lips and tongue down his neck and the muscles of his torso.

I trailed my mouth and kisses further downward, across his firm abdomen, then lower and lower until my lips were inches from his cock. His dick was thick with a robust, round-shaped tip. My hand slid up and down its length and my mouth welcomed his engorged head.

I slid his cock down my throat, tasting the first droplets of precome. I licked his shaft slowly and lovingly as his body quaked with pleasure.

Then, as if performing a carefully choreographed dance, we switched positions. His tongue roamed down my neck to my breasts. He tasted each of my nipples before kissing down to my moist, quivering pussy. I gasped with pleasure as his tongue massaged my clit. “Yes,”I moaned. encouraging him as he drove his tongue caressed my soft folds. I was on the edge of climaxing when he suddenly stopped.
Slowly, he drew his body on top of mine and slipped himself inside me. I let out a breathy grunt of pure pleasure as his hard-on drove deeply inside me, filling my wetness. Rhythmically, with all of a dancer’s grace, he began to maneuver his cock deeply in and out of me. My whole body began to fall into synch with his as our bodies rocked and jostled together. We were panting as we struggled to tell each other how good it felt.

Soon, I could feel an urgent and overwhelming climax build. He knew I was close to coming and pounded me harder and faster until sweat began to flow down his face and chest. I wrapped my legs tightly around him, pulling him closer and further into me, forcing him to continue his now wild ramming. Then I came, my body forcefully letting go, sending out long, wonderful waves of deep pleasure and release. My climax had taken my lover to the edge of his own orgasm. As I shook in satisfaction, he came, shooting out his intense stream of come, filling me up and bringing a beautifully tortured look to his face. His intense expression was immediately followed by a wide and appreciative smile.
And though I hadn’t completed my barre, I’d had quite a workout. My body felt very limber now…and blissfully ready for more.