When you first look at her, Seraphim Proctor doesn’t quite resemble the witches we all think of during All Hollow’s Eve. Long, curled black hair, a perfect cocoa complexion, a tiny nose, great cheekbones, and a set of lips encased in a matte crimson lipstick that would make Kylie Jenner jealous for days. In the coffee shop we meet at she’s somehow both the center of attention and yet not at all. All eyes were on her, sitting in one of the overstuffed dark brown chairs as she casually sipped at her pumpkin spice latte and wrote in what looked like a rather large leather bound journal. Yet no one went near her. A perfect ring of six feet distance had formed around her, as if all were afraid to approach such a beautiful thing.

It was something I understood when I crossed the threshold. It was a tingle, a shot up the veins full of warmth and arousal. It dried the mouth and sharpened the senses. Peculiar.

“Amanda?” Seraphim asked, looking up. Her smile spread softly across her face as she beckoned towards the chair beside her. As she moved her arm, the many gold bangles that graced her wrist jingled happily. Her nails were long and pointed, and painted white with black little geometric shapes on them. At her neck, just above her bosom was a long thin golden chain that held a metal stencil outline of an upside down waning moon, with an amethyst stone dangling in the middle of it. It was a peculiar charm, but suited her perfectly.

From all accounts this was the real deal, Practical Magic, Hocus Pocus witch. When Scandalous! decided to do the article, several informants recommended the beautiful, mysterious woman that was now front and center. Scary was not the word to use though. Enthralling was much better.

So, what kind of magic do you practice? Seraphim laughs, a light tinklng sound that turns the heads of several men around us. She finds the question funny, mostly repetitive. It’s something she gets asked about often.

“I’m a gray witch,” she answers, her left sharply tipped pointer finger starting to move in slow, small circles. The small stick in her coffee begins to turn by itself. A fascinating trick. “Most witches will tell you that they’re either black or white, bad or good, but they’re lying. There’s good and bad in all of us.”


Why Young Women Are Drawn To Wicca

No sexist beliefs and practices: Many women reject the male domination seen in some Christian denominations. A common principle in Wiccan traditions is the equality of the sexes though some view females as being more important than males. Wiccans commune with the Goddess and the God.

Concern for the environment: Wiccans strongly respect and care for the earth itself, and all of its species of animals and plants. They feel closely tuned to the cycles of nature. They reject the concept, mentioned in Genesis 1:28, that mankind is to subdue the earth and to dominate all of its living creatures. They feel that humans should live in cooperation with other species and with the universe.

Morality: Many young women view traditional moral beliefs of the dominant religions to be excessively restrictive. This is particularly true of sexuality. The Wiccan religion does not have a list of “thou shalt nots.” It has a single, universal rule of behavior: the Wiccan Rede. This states “An it harm none, do as thou wilt.” i.e. do whatever you want as long as it harms nobody including yourself.

What is Halloween to you? There’s a glint in her dark brown eyes. A sparkle of mischief that preceeds a good story. “Samhain, like the solstices, is a time for all of us to draw power from the Earth. This holiday is special because the veil between the living and the dead is lifted, and families can be reunited. It’s when I’m the busiest. People book my services for months in advance to get a reading from me on Halloween and the two months that surround it.

That sounds exhausting. How do you prepare for that? Again, that mischeivous smile graces her lips and a passionate heat seems to fill the room. Around her, the people around us are gasping, coughing. Woman are putting their hands to their chests and men are moving their hands to their crotch, adjusting. The room seemed to fill with arousal and there was no doubt that it was coming from Seraphim.

“There are four elements that every human being is born under, witch or no. I was born under fire, the gift of seduction. Sex gives me power, energy. I store it almost like a succubis, and it helps keep my talents to speak to the spirits sharp and honed.”

What happens to the men after you sleep with them? That laugh fills the air again and this time a man, tall, handsome, and Asian, steps into the circle of space. Seraphim looks up at him and winks. “Wait over there darling.” Obediently the man walks away and takes his original seat.

Do you know him? “No,” she admits. “And to answer your earlier question, nothing happens to them. I’m not evil. I’m gifted. I draw power and pleasure from them, and they do so from me. Just not as much. And it’s not always men. I’m an equal opportunity lover.”

So how does it work? Is sex really that powerful? “Sex?” she laughs. “When’s the last time you had some?” She doesn’t wait for answer, thankfully. “Sex is the most powerful, wonderful thing you can do for yourself, whether it’s to gather energy for a magical purpose, or to gain confidence to face a board meeting with your company’s finest. It’s a moment when two people are at their most vulnerable yet at their strongest at the same time. All sex is magic.”

Seraphim pauses for a moment, as if looking for a better explanation. Not that one is needed, but everyone around her is now hanging on her every word with baited breath. They-we-wanted more.

“When a person allows you to enter their temple, whether it be part of a one night stand or a ten year marriage, a trust is released; a bond that links two or more people together in act that they all choose to be filled with pleasure and ecstacy. That’s where the power comes from.”

So do you ever have group sex? “Orgies? Most definitely! But I’m very careful. Like, clinically careful. If I host one every person invited has to be tested prior to joining, and if I’m considering going to one, I make the host do the same thing. If there’s fear or uncertainty in the act, it takes away from the power that can be drawn from it.”

What about masturbation? “It’s a confidence booster for sure,” she explains. “And it’s great for keeping the daily stress down. But it doesn’t give me the energy boost that sex with another person. Especially oral sex.” Her eyes roll seductively and her bottom lip gets pulled into her mouth as if she recounts a fond memory. “Oral sex, received not given, is the best way to draw energy. It’s like, as soon as your orgasm floods out all this power floods in. For September, October and November I try to get as much cunnilingus as I can. I mean, don’t you? Get as much cunnilingus as you can? It’s such a yummy feeling.”

Of course it is. Why such a powerful draw from oral sex though? Regular sex can’t do it for you? “Oh honey it can, but don’t you feel it? Doesn’t every woman feel it? When a man has his head buried between your thighs, and your chest is heaving with breath and life as you feel your inner goddess rise up. I know you know what I’m talking about. The release. You feel her in your veins as you climax.”

Her legs begin to spread wider, the front of her black dress dipping between her legs. The crowd is watching her as she’s taking in a deep a breath and throwing her head back to moan. You could have dropped a pin when she finished, and everyone would have heard it. Whatever pleasure Seraphim was feeling from her own words, she was pushing onto everyone else in the shop. The questions I brought seemed to be susped for the moment, and I, like the rest, seemed to caught in her magical seduction. I knew she knew it when she looked at me, and felt my loss for words. Softly, a laugh escaped her beautiful lips, hypnotizing her prey.

“So yes, to answer your first question,” she says, giving me time to recover. “Sex is very powerful.”