Hot Sex, Tailor-made!

I abhor weddings.  I dislike them even more when I am forced to be in one.  Recently, my best friend decided to marry her longtime boyfriend in a small ceremony in her parent’s massive backyard.  I was okay with her request that I purchase a simple dark blue dress of my choosing and be her lone bridesmaid.  What I didn’t expect was for this simple wedding to take on a life of its own and grow to a much larger ceremony with a new venue and more bridesmaids.

So, now I was conned into all the usual pomp and circumstance that goes with being the maid of honor in a formal wedding.  That included wearing a hideous bridesmaid dress like everyone else and getting fitted for it by the local taylor.  Based on the ill conceived notion that he was a glorified seamstress, I assumed he was also gay.  My busy schedule as an attorney was making it difficult to find a time to get in and see him until he agreed to see me after hours.  I arrived at the shop promptly at seven and he let me in, locking the doors against any other late visitors.

“Thank you for letting me come in after work.  I appreciate you waiting for me,” I told him.  He told me it was no problem and asked me to strip down to my slip in an raised area on one side of the shop, out of view of the main shopping area.

“You are here under duress?” he commented as he began fitting me for my dress.

“Why do you ask that?”  I replied.

“You are incredibly tense.  Very stiff,” he said.

“I’m sorry.  Yes, I’m a bit less than excited about it,” I replied.

He laughed a little and put down the tape measure.  I watched as he walked across the shop and turned on the iPod that rested in a cradle near his checkout counter.  The mellow sounds of a waltz spilled over the intercom system in the small shop, instantly relaxing me. I noticed for the first time he was actually quite good looking.

“Let’s dance,” he replied.

“You’re kidding, right?” I asked incredulously.

“No.  I am not.  Come on.  It will help relax you,” he replied, pulling me into his arms and slowly twirling me around the shop floor.  It was awkward at first, but I was quickly lost in the moment, enjoying the way he was holding me and guiding me in time with the music.

“You are an incredibly beautiful woman,” he replied, catching me off guard.  Sure, I had surmised that he was gay prior to coming here, but he didn’t seem effeminate in the least.  In fact, with the exception of his incredibly delicate hands, he seemed quite masculine.  It had been another part of why I had been so stiff while he was fitting me, his touch sent shockwaves through my system repeatedly when he would inadvertently touch me in sensitive spots.  At least, I think it wasn’t on purpose.

“Thank you,” I replied a bit breathlessly.  Smiling, he pulled me back toward the platform and deposited me there.

“See, now you are more at ease.  Let us finish with your fitting,” he told me, letting the music continue in the background as he waltzed around me to complete my measurements.

Except I wasn’t more at ease.  I might not have been as stiff, but my heart was beating out of my chest and he had to notice the way my breath was incredibly labored each time he got too close.  I was also wetter than hell. He finished up and I began stepping down, losing my balance for a moment as I stepped down.  He was quickly there in front of me to catch me in his arms.  I leaned against him for a moment, breathless and embarrassed.

“I’ve got you,” he said quietly, his face near mine, my body pressed to his provocatively.

“You certainly do,” I breathed back at him.  Picking up quickly on the my cue, he leaned in and gave me a heart stopping kiss that reverberated down to my toes.  I found myself kissing him back and one led thing to another.  I went from being half undressed for my fitting to being stripped naked in the back of his shop.  Lifting me up onto his cutting table, he quickly managed to lose everything but his shirt.  There was not a single word exchanged as our animal instincts just took over and we found ourselves fucking feverishly. His cock was huge and he sank it in me over and over until I felt the first burning wave of an orgasm. It hit me so hard I cried out and almost jumped from the table! But he held me tight and joined me in bliss. I felt his dick throbbing as he pumped his cum inside me.

What came next took me completely off guard. He dropped to his knees and began lapping his cum right back out of me, slowly licking from my clitoris, then plunging his tongue deep inside me, then tracing that sensitive area back to my anus. The smooth, silky feeling of his tongue combined with the incredible sense of empowerment at having a man lick his sperm out of me while tonguing my asshole sent me into orbit again with an orgasm stronger than the first one!

Now, I’m a regular visitor to his shop.  He makes all my business suits for free and satisfies any other needs I might have during my after-hours fittings.  We never discuss anything more permanent, know very little about one another and don’t see one another outside the shop unless by happenstance.  It’s a tailor-made arrangement for a high power lawyer like me.

~Elizabeth H.
Madison, WI