Hot, Bothered & Pampered

Hot, Bothered & Pampered

I was having a really bad month. I’d just turned 35, found my first gray hair, noticed my butt was starting to sag a little, and to top it off, my significant other had decided he needed to find himself, and then had left to tour the country. Alone! Damn! Not that I really minded him moving out. He’d been getting on my nerves for a while now.

I decided to do something for me and booked a two-week stay at an exclusive island hotel that advertised adult excitement. Other than eating a pound of chocolate to help me feel good about myself, I figured this would at least relax me. Once I was checked in, I found the number for the massage company the hotel recommended. I had to chuckle at their slogan, “H.S. Massage-Let Us Rub You the Right Way!” At least they had a sense of humor.

I called the number and shivered in sudden awareness at the deep masculine voice on the other end. “H.S. Massage, how can I help you?”

My mind raced quickly ahead to what I’d like him to help me with. “I’d like to make an appointment for a massage.” A few minutes later my appointment was set for 7 pm. I was surprised I could set one up so quickly, especially on a Saturday evening. I really hoped it was the hunky-sounding guy on the phone. There was something exciting about his voice that really made me really hot.

This vacation was all about spoiling me and I decided to start it off right. I nearly fell asleep in my bubble bath and only the persistent buzzing at my door jerked me awake.
Glancing at the clock, I saw it was 6:57. 1 scrambled out of the tub and grabbed the thin silky robe hanging on the door. It was short and stuck to my damp flesh. Flustered, I opened the door and nearly fell out when I saw the guy standing there.

“Hi, my name is Mitch. We have an appointment for 7:00.” His voice was deep and rich like the dark chocolate I craved.

My eyes swept over him from his chestnut hair to his feet, and boy was the trip worth it. His body was long and lean, but muscled in all the right places. Oh man, was he my hottest dream come to life. I was wishing for more than a massage from him when he cleared his throat and I caught the interested gleam in his hazel eyes. My face flamed bright red when I glanced down my front and saw the material was nearly transparent and molded to my hard nipples.

What the hell, I decided and threw him a sassy smile and motioned for him to follow me. The room was large and I pointed to a spot in front of the large bed.

“Will that do?” I asked him, my voice suddenly raspy with desire.

“That will be fine, Ms. Harper,” he answered softly and set up his portable table.

“Dana, please,” I managed to mumble and stared at the flexing muscles in his back as he worked.

He placed a soft sheet on the table and motioned for me to come closer.

“What should I be wearing?” I asked, hoping he said nothing, but most massages I’ve had you at least wore you panties. This time I wanted nothing between his hands and my skin.

“Dana, do you know what kind of massages we specialize in?” He stood behind me and slipped my robe off my arms. Trembling with anticipation, I could only shake my head.

His fingers curled around my arms as he turned me to face him. I saw his eyes flick down my body and then he stared deeply into my eyes.

“The H. S. stands for Highly Sensual. You need to be nude when I start.” His hands slid down my arms in a touch so light I shivered. He caught me around my waist and lifted me gently on the table. “Face down to start,” he instructed in his deep gravelly voice.

I was a little self conscious about my body’s reaction to him. I was moist and was getting wetter as his hands drifted over my body. He concentrated for a long time on my feet and calves. A low moan was drawn from me as his thumb found a knot in the arch of my foot.

“You’re really tense, honey. Do you have a lot of stress in your life?” He moved slowly up my body working on tight muscles and knotted nerves.

“Let’s just say it hasn’t been my best month,” I murmured and relaxed into his soothing touch. My body began to melt under his magic hands. I waited for him to begin the sensual part of my massage and wondered just how far he’d go and it there might be a chance for a little more.

He worked steadily for 30 minutes and I was nearly asleep when I felt the gentle touch of his fingers on the curve of my ass. He caressed, he stroked, and I could feel my body responding. My legs shifted further apart. My breath hissed as he traced the crease of my ass and teased the flesh between my legs. That quickly, I was ready to cum!

“You’re so sensitive Dana. The smell of your arousal is intoxicating!” he growled huskily, his finger dipping deep inside me, teasing the hot tensed nerves of my G spot until I exploded.

“Oh God,” I groaned, pushing back with my hips, wanting more than his finger. Spent from the hottest orgasm I’d had in months I could only lay on the massage table.

“Baby, I’m going to pull you back until your legs are on the floor,” Mitch whispered in my ear. He positioned my legs wide apart on the floor, my torso still on the table. I felt him move behind me and hot, male skin blanketed my body. His hard cock nudged my hot opening with urgent insistence and I moaned at the scalding heat of his thick flesh as he pushed deep inside me. My cunt felt deliciously full as he slid in and out with long deep strokes. God, he was massaging me from the inside out.

He thrust deeper and rode me harder and harder until I was squirming wildly under him. He waited until I convulsed around him again before he let himself cum with a wild shout. My body quivered as my orgasm went on and on. I’d never felt so thoroughly fucked before.

“Dana,” he whispered and gently eased out of my clutching flesh.

“Mitch,” I managed and stared at him. I didn’t want him to leave yet. Greedily I wanted more.

“Honey, all my appointments are yours as long as you are here,” he grinned at me and carried me to the bed.

~Christi M,
Charlotte, NC.


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  1. OMG. What is the name of this fucking cruise line? I need to jump on this one and mitch right away. I feel all tingly inside right now. LOVE this story.