Hog Wild

It was nine o’clock on Sunday morning and I was having breakfast at Fran’s Cafe. It was a typical day in Flatrock, the rural community outside of Portland that I called home.

Frannie came over with a pot of coffee to freshen my cup and take my order.

“So what can I get for you, Sara?” she asked, removing the pencil from behind her ear. Before I could answer, a loud thunderous roar rumbled through the restaurant.

“What’s that?” I asked looking out the windows. About fifty motorcycles pulled up into the parking lot. The riders dismounted, flanked in leather pants and jackets. They

filtered in and filled all of the available tables while Frannie grabbed menus and handed them out to the hungry, somewhat intimidating patrons.

The last rider to come in didn’t look anything like the rest. He was clean shaven and dressed in a crisp, white t-shirt and blue jeans. He removed his sunglasses and his dark

eyes searched for an available seat. I was alone in a booth and averted his gaze nervously. His heavy boots clomped on the floor as he approached my table.

“The diner appears to be full. Would you mind if I shared your table?” he asked.

Before I realized what I was doing, I asked him to take a seat. “I’m Ray,” he said extending his hand.

“I’m Sara,” I squeaked while slipping my hand into his. His touch thrilled me. He was a tall, dark stranger who looked like an attorney but rode a Harley. I was straight-laced

and prim and proper. Did I have a reckless wanton side? Was I inviting trouble? We talked and he told me he was an accountant but a weekend warrior who took these weekend rides

to get out of the city and relax. He had a marvelous sense of humor and was obviously very intelligent.

Frannie took our order. I asked for the usual, a bowl of granola with peaches. He had the same and smiled continuously throughout our conversation.

“You’re so naturally beautiful,” he said narrowing his gaze. I blushed from his complimentary words.

Was he serious? Was he as attracted to me as I was to him? My life had been a series of missed opportunities, few and far between. I wasn’t going to miss this one.

“How about a ride?” I asked. He raised an eyebrow.

“You don’t look like the kind of woman that belongs on the back of a bike.”

“Really? Well you don’t look like the kind of man that can handle power between his legs,” I said, shocked at my own words. He stood up and tossed his leather jacket to me.

“Put that on and let’s ride!”

He helped me onto his bike. I was wearing a thin, flowing spaghetti strap dress and I saw him take a glimpse as I swung my leg over the seat. He sat in front of me and wrapped

my arms firmly around his chest. I pretended I didn’t know exactly how to hold him and rubbed my hands across his body, feeling his muscles. There was something liberating about

this behavior. The speed and the danger invigorated me and turned me on.

Suddenly, I slid my hand down his chest and over his bulging cock. His hard-on grew as I unzipped his fly and then he moved his hand to grip my ass.

“Pull over,” I instructed and he quickly obliged. He turned off the highway and parked on a patch of grass.

“How was your first ride?” he asked smugly, expecting me to be shaken.

“Exhilarating, but I think the next ride will be more memorable.”

He tucked his hand behind my knees and slid me down the leather seat. My dress bunched around my waist and his touch caused my cotton panties to dampen. He removed them and

swept his tongue along my legs, kissing my calves and knees. My legs tensed as his warm breath and eager lips climbed higher. He gently separated my lower lips and slipped his

tongue around the fleshy folds. It had been a long time since I experienced the euphoric sensation he was providing. He circled my tender bud as my body trembled from the


He peeled off his t-shirt revealing the soft hairs that circled his bellybutton and led into his jeans. I took off my dress and bra as he removed his pants. He stood before me

in a pair of tight bikini briefs. The tip of his prick peeked over the waistband. I hooked his underwear with my hand and pulled him close. Gently, I brushed my finger over the

head then wrapped my hands around his bulbous buns. I freed his manhood and gasped at its size. I then sat up and gathered it between my hands and rubbed it over my breasts.

My nipples turned rock hard as the heat from his cock passed over them. I pushed my mounds together as pre-cum trickled onto my chest. I massaged it in my skin as I felt the

moisture between my legs grow thick. He climbed on the bike facing me and rested his head on the gas tank. He looked like a finely tuned machine. I climbed over him, held the

handle bars and slowly lowered myself into the proper riding position. I had never done anything like this before. I circled my hips, cradling him inside of me as he rubbed

against my sugar walls.

Every couple of seconds, a tingle raged through my body and I knew the thrill of having all that horse power between my legs. He gently caressed my breasts as I guided him

through my fantasy.

“I want to be closer,” he said sitting up and sweeping his tongue across my mouth. I sat up as he kissed down the length of my spine, setting my flesh ablaze.

“Lean forward,” he instructed while sliding his hands the length of my arm. I gripped the sissy bar and raised my ass a few inches. He barely brushed his finger tips along my

inner thighs as he guided his cock within. His subtle touch released all of my pent-up desire.

“Faster,” I instructed moving my body with his. He obliged and placed a finger on my engorged clit to heighten the intensity. We melded together as 1 fell deeper and deeper into

euphoria and climaxed. He did the same and released a few guttural moans.

While we both enjoyed our spent elation, he traced the silhouette of my body, moving his finger down my side, hips, and around my buttocks.

We soon dressed and climbed back on the bike. I buried my head in the center of his shoulder blades and wrapped my hands underneath his arms and over his shoulders.

When we returned to the cafe, the parking lot was empty.
Fran peered through the blinds of the large front window. Her eyes were wide and she looked astonished to see me climbing off the back of a Harley. I gave Ray his jacket and

thanked him for the ride. He reached into his pocket and handed me his business card. I walked into the cafe and Frannie greeted me with a suspicious smirk as he drove away.

“I didn’t know you had a wild side,” she stated.

“Neither did I,” I replied.

The following Sunday, I went back to Fran’s for breakfast.

“Can I get you the usual, Sara?” Frannie asked with pen poised.

“No, I’ll have bacon and eggs.”

“That doesn’t sound very healthy,” she said looking at me with motherly disdain.

“Life’s too short to follow every rule.”

I sat back and closed my eyes as Frannie shuffled behind the counter. The memory of last weekend vividly danced through my mind. It was a once in a life¬time experience and I

was so happy I had taken it. Fran placed my breakfast in front of me and a deep familiar voice spoke behind me.

“That can’t be good for you,” Ray teased, looking every inch as handsome as I recalled.

“Some people would say the same thing about you.”

“Do you always listen to what other people say?”

“Not anymore,” I purred.

He smiled and held out a leather jacket. “I picked this up for you, it should fit you perfectly.”

Elated by Ray’s return, I stood, put the jacket on and whispered, “Let’s ride.”

~ Sara, Santa Fe


  1. Panties? Hell girl you should’ve been riding that hog without!!!! LOL Who doesn’t love getting pleased “hog style”? Mmmmmm! Excellent share!

  2. Interesting and a bit romantic. He even came back. He must have really enjoyed his first ride. 🙂 There are a lot of guys out there you would never know they liked to ride a motorcycle until you see them on the weekend. Even the nicest guys seem to look a bit like a bad boy when riding one….lol.