Hit Potential? Breadkrumbz Got It Down

She Got It Down is a perfect example of how Hip Hop can integrate with dance/pop to create an instant classic. This ear candy, written and performed by up and coming group Breadkrumbz, is the type of song you’ll hear blasting from car stereos on hot summer nights. You know the vibe I’m talking about, right? Slow moving convertibles cruising down your town’s main drag. Hot guys hanging over the sides trying to get some play. Ah, memories of South Florida. I was immediately impressed with the melody and production values of this tune.

Breadkrumbz is a multi-genre group formed in White River Junction, Vermont, consisting of 3 members including “Ill Dephyned”, “Killah Tone”, and “Khaji Salondoe”. Please check them out on their Facebook pages 1 and 2.  Help them out by buying the track on iTunes. For the Free download of their newest album The Revival, click here.