High Voltage goes Super Nova

I have eclectic music tastes and listen to anything from country to Miami bass. Growing up, though, the raw energy of heavy metal always had a special place in my heart. From the classic dark sounds of Sabbath to the hair metal days of Bon Jovi, my ipod has it’s fair share of kick ass rock-n-roll. Adding to it this week is a single from a new band, High Voltage. ‘Supernova’ is, to put it mildly, an epic piece of metal. Changing tempo and melodies throughout, the song is crafted to be played loud and often. And unlike a lot of post-grunge infused metal, the song has substance and is played by musicians who obviously know their craft. Soaring above it is the vocal stylings of Brittney Rowley, a kick ass chick with the singing prowess of female rockers of the past, something the genre is sorely missing today.

As it goes with all female-fronted bands, it’s easy to forget the guys behind her. Don’t. While they handle their virtuoso guitar and pounding rhythm section roles as you’d expect from metal masters, they can also changed it up with some smooth saxiphone and new-age sounding synths. Listen closely and you’ll hear elements of jazz and blues folded into the mix.

Listen to it below or download your copy FREE right here!