Here Cums The Bride: Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 8

I watched this one solo. My usually group of bitchy cuckold movie connoisseurs were all busy with family stuff on the Thursday night I had free. Too bad! There was more Cherry Garcia for me! I couldn’t even get my hubby to sit down and watch. Why? The movie starts with he classic wedding march music.

“Are you watching our wedding video again?” He called out, annoyed. Before I could answer, he stated he’d be in the next room on the computer. Fine!

Like the old song says, Freddy has the wedding bell blues. His wife, the always evil Harmony, has a devious scheme to fuck his best friend, Donny, on their wedding day. Setting her plan in motion entails some very cruel teasing of her groom-to-be leading up to the ceremony, including being coy with him on how much sexual contact she’s already had with his friends. Not too much different than other entries into the series in regards to style and technique, Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 8 nevertheless explores the delicious taboo of wedding night infidelity, with most of the action happening with our leading lady still in her wedding dress! This sends a powerful message, of course! Nothing says “cuckolding” like a girl cheating in white!

Your imagination runs a bit wild as the movies unwinds. Was she crossing her fingers at the alter when she promised to forsake all others? Did she feel the best man up at the reception? And you have to hand it to Harmony. Fucking in a wedding dress, the constant movement, the changing of positions, has to be tough! I mean, I couldn’t wait to get out of mine (in more ways than one!) It was very confining!

The rest of the flick, of course, is what you’ve come to expect from Roman Video. Attractive players, really hot sex, and a certain cruel viciousness from the leading lady. After all, what kind of woman would fuck the Best Man on her wedding day? Apparently, the kind who is in big demand these days on the net’s cuckolding community.

Roman Video’s Cuckold Fantasies Vol. 8 – a worthy entry into the series.

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