Her New Dentist Drills Her

After a bad marriage and a rotten divorce, I’d been reluctant to get involved with another less than adventurous man, but now it was time to sow some new oats.  I have to say that living with a man for eight years whose idea of foreplay was squeezing my breasts before a full three minutes of missionary sex did something detrimental to the mind of this woman, who used to love sex.  After a while, I just didn’t even want it anymore. Pretty sad for a woman still in her 20s!

So, I went for broke.  I met a woman at a block party in my new neighborhood that was telling me about another party she planned to attend.  It was an invitation only pajama party, mixed singles.  While it sounded a bit like a premise for a pending orgy, I decided that I could live with that too!  I went shopping and purchased a sexy new body stocking and a silk robe to top it off with so that I wasn’t too exposed.  Adding a pair of stilettos, I was quickly out the door to where the fun was to be had.

There were all sorts of furnishings scattered about on which to recline and the liquor was flowing freely.  I had a couple of drinks to knock the edge off and found an oversize round ottoman on which to sit.  I hadn’t gotten up the courage yet to take off my robe, so I decided to help myself to another drink.  When I returned there was a very hot man wearing nothing but a pair of silk boxers with a huge tongue wagging smiley face on the crotch.

“I’m sorry, did I take your seat?” he asked.

“Yes, but that is okay.  I can find somewhere else,” I told him, looking around anxiously for another empty spot.

“Or you could sit with me,” he replied.

“I don’t think there is enough room,” I told him, eyeing the lack of area on either side of his impossibly tight abs and muscular legs.

“There would be if you sat on my lap,” he responded, flashing a brilliant smile.

“I don’t even know you,” I told him, noticing that I had pegged the whole orgy thing correctly and that other couples or more seemed to be pairing off around us.

“My name is Thomas.  I am a dentist,” he replied.

“Sonya, journalist,” I replied.  “I’ve been looking for a new dentist.”

“Well, now we know one another and you’ve found one,” he told me.

I wordlessly stepped forward and straddled him, sitting on his lap so that our faces were only inches from one another and my nipples were practically in his mouth.  I realized that I was still wearing the robe and let it slip off one arm before shifting my drink to that hand and letting the robe fall free completely.  I could feel him getting hard against my thigh.

I kicked back the last of my drink and allowed him to take the glass.  His eyes met mine in an emblazoned stare and he reached up to grab a handful of my long black hair, pulling my head sideways before biting gently into my neck, causing me to gasp loudly.  Then, before I realized what was happening, he reached forward and grabbed the mesh of my stocking with both hands, ripping a hole in the front to expose my breasts for everyone to see.  Pushing the fact that people were watching out of my mind, I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the way his hot mouth felt on my nipples, pulling them in with his teeth and suckling hard against them.  I felt like I might explode all over myself without him having even touched more sensitive areas yet.

Clamping his teeth tightly onto one nipple and sucking it into his mouth, he quickly used his hands to tear apart the material away from my crotch and allowed his fingers to explore my already dripping folds.  A part of me said I should stop this, but it was overruled by another part that screamed, “Don’t you fucking dare!”

In seconds, I was coming wildly across his fingers as his throbbing erection escaped his boxers.  I opened my eyes just as he entered me to find some people watching while others were engaged in their own carnal delights.  I was oddly okay with it as I rode him until we both had nothing left to give.  Afterward, I stood, a bit unstable, and he picked up my robe for me, wrapping me in it.  We helped ourselves to another drink at the bar and then migrated back to his place where we spent the entire night engaging in the best sex I’ve had in years.  Looks like I have a new dentist and I won’t file charges if he decides to gas me and take advantage.

~Danielle B.
Los Angeles