HBO's New Series on a Dirty Magazine for Women!

FemaleCoverNellie Andreeva of the Hollywood Reporter gave us this bit of entertainment news last week:  An untitled project from HBO starring Oscar winner Diane Keaton is going into production.  Keaton will play a feminist icon who attempts to reignite the movement by starting a sexually explicit magazine for women.

Hello?  Playgirl, anyone?  The now extinct magazine actually started out as a feminist publication with just a few naked guys peppered in.    And some of you may recall actress Jessica Alba complaining about the lack of magazines like this for women back in 2007 in an interview with GQ magazine:

“Men’s magazines have nipples so why don’t women have a magazine where men show their penises? There’s Playgirl but not a fashion magazine like Elle.

“If there was a magazine like that I’d buy it. Nudity’s not a big deal to me.”

Hello, Jessica?  Scandalouswomen!!! (oh yeah, we’re a website, not a magazine 🙁  )

The new HBO series will be written by Marti Noxon, who says, “We’ve came a long way since the Kinsey report; women are more sexual now,” said Noxon, referring to Alfred Kinsey’s controversial 1953 report “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.”

Producer Dawn Parouse adds, “There seems to be a new evolution of what women are sexually. Women are acting more like men sexually.”


Noxon had carried the kernel of the idea for a show that touches upon feminism as long as she can remember.

She and Parouse bounced around the idea of a young feminist working at a porn magazine. The moment they decided to make the central character an older, Gloria Steinem -type feminist icon, it all fell into place.

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